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Friday, November 20, 2009

Busy Fingers and reflection

Oh my goodness, anybody would think we were in the northern hemisphere, it's really, really cold and very wet and we are supposed to be almost in Summer.  As a result I have had to go out and pick even more of the beautiful roses, I just didn't want them to get hammered by the rain. The ones that were fully open have been placed on a tray to dry out for pot-pourri, the scent is delightful, long may it last.

Last week I found the sweetest fabric and decided to make it into a Christmas day dress for our Grand-daughter.  After years of making clothes for our chidren when they were small the stash of patterns came out, oh the memories flooded back to their childhood.  Anyway I chose a pattern and got stuck in. The first thing to remember was that this is not a 1/4" seam, then it was gathering, notches and oh my, patchwork has changed my skill base somewhat. I was reminded of something a dear patchworking friend once said - " would you ask Picasso to paint your ceiling" when asked to make a dress for someone.  Mending and dressmaking are not something she has a sewing machine for, that's just for patchwork.
Anyway, the dress is made and tonight I will put the elastic in the casing and sew on the buttons.  It's a fairly simple style, but roomy enough for the wee one to be comfortable.
While talking of Faith, I have finished her wall hanging, now it just needs to be stretched onto a canvas.

Well, with both of those finished I got stuck in to a couple of gifts for friends, pictured are just samples of them as both read my blog. I must say it was with relief that I got back to piecing - my comfort zone!
So now that they are done it was time to tidy up my mess, and what a mess it was. During the tidy up I kept shifting all the postcards that swap friends had sent.  Each one a work of art and somehow I want to display them in my sewing room - any ideas how?

DH has finally got his leaving date, and now we have just two weeks to go before he leaves, despite my plans of not sloping away to sew, he told me to carry on as usual as all my restlessness was driving him nuts.  Bless his heart, I didn't need to be told twice.
So, in two weeks we will put him on the plane and he will go off to warmer climes for six months, mmmmmmmmmm how much sewing can get done in that time?
We have just had to put the heater on, that's how cold it has got.  Even our wee  Polly is feeling it, but with the heater on she knows how to get warm!  You can almost see her little face breaking into a smile  as her hairless tum warms up, you kno she can lay like this for ages.                                      
   The mail lady arrived early today and there was a parcel for me.  I'm used to deliveries for the shop but one for me was lovely.  In it were wax melts that a dear friend had bought, she knows just what I like and I am so lucky to have her as a friend.  Linda  knows I like to have them melting throughout the house and these ones are heavenly.  Apple and cinnamon - yum. The house smells like fresh baking without the calories!  In fact, maybe it's a good hint - become the domestic goddess and fill the cake tins, so that is just what I will toodle off and do.
Keep warm every one and have a great day.


  1. Miche'le, you are obviously living on the wrong side of the pass today. Its been stinking hot here, 30deg. I hate the heat!

  2. I love your blog design. You mentioned it was from a free website.. can you let me know which one. I understand about the weather and the roses. Had to pick mine today because of the rain. They smell so nice I didn't want to waste them. The only good thing about the weather is I can stay inside and sew without feeling guilty!!

  3. Hi Miche,le (sorry I don,t know how to get the little comma to the top of your name) thanks for visiting my blog, I really love being in touch---cottonreel


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