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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Countdown Begins and a wee challenge

In a recent post I mentioned that this year I will have the Advent calender up in time for the countdown to begin and it got me thinking how many of you have made, been given or bought Advent calenders.  Let's see what you have. How about putting up your calenders and sharing the huge variety of countdowns that are out there in blog land.
This is our one, I made it years ago and every year it gets put up.  Each of the days are represented by a hanging 'yo-yo'. On one side there is a wooden star with the number on it, on the other side a button or charm that is something Christmassy.  It may be the same images each year, but nobody remembers which is which and when I made it the challenge was to find 25 objects small enough to become the suprise - not the easiest of jobs and Linda, my friend and I hunted all over, fossicking through haberdashery shops, nik nak places and even the odd quilt shop (funny that).
Anyway, let's have a look at what you have? Or maybe this will prompt you into making one... either way, enjoy!

I've just had a thought (amazing at this time of the morning), let's see if everyone can upload an image of their Advent calenders and see how many we can get loaded - pass it on :)


  1. I,m just about to post 2 small hangings----------cottonreel

  2. That is so gorgeous. I had great intentions of having my little house full of christmas quilts and wallhangings etc etc this year but it's here and I've done nothing. Maybe next year. Happy 1st of Summer Miche'le


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