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Friday, November 27, 2009

Self Service

Working from home has its benefits, I get to cook, clean and other domestic chores that should be banned, and once those awful things are done (and sometimes when they are not done) I get to indulge my passion and sit in my space and manipulate fabric and patterns.  Well, today was a day when very little got done in the house but lots was getting done in the sewing room!  I was in the 'zone', the rotary cutter was wizzing through fabrics, ideas were brimming over and the new pattern I was trialing was coming together, no hiccups - amazing, lol.
 The shop had been empty since yesterday and because the weather has been awful I didn't expect any customers, even the tourists don't like to go shopping in the rain, but I was pretty sure if someone did turn up Polly would announce their arrival with her usual yapping. Humm, some watchdog she turned out to be! After a good four hours in my own world nature was calling and I knew that it was probably about time to start thinking about organising something for dinner. So, I switched off the machine and iron, turned off the lights and toodled off to become the domestic goddess again. 
The wind and rain continued to thrash our house as we sat at the table eating dinner and looking out onto the water soaked paddocks across the road, the fire was on and we just sat afterwards talking, it was a nice moment actually.
 Eventually I thought about the shop and that I hadn't locked up so off I went.  Imagine my suprise when I walked in the shop and there on the table was a note with $70 tucked under it. A regular customer had been, in the note she thanked me for the cup of coffee and said what she had bought and that the money should cover it.
My goodness, moments like this really make you stop and think that there are so many good people out there, people that you know you can trust and people that I am lucky enough to come into contact with.
 On the other hand it's moments like this that make me realise that I need to stop relying on the not so good watch dog and get a bell. 
What an awesome day, I am blessed and with a customers honesty I am doubley (is there such a word?) blessed. I hope you all get to have such a great day.

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