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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recycled Treasures and a Hot Flush

Recently I mentioned that I was planning for my sewing room make over and that I was ashamed of the state of the room at the moment.  Well, part of the make over involves going through everything and getting rid of all the crap extra ‘stuff’. Part of that involved the magazines, some of which were over 20 years old019 and although they are old many of the designs are just as good now as they were then.  This is the box load which I am keeping, and below is what is being got rid of.  After 3 days of going through each and every book I got ruthless and put the cast off’s into the shop as free giveaways020 , already they have been well and truly picked over, and I hope before long they all disappear.  Part of my problem isn’t buying too many, it’s the fact that with each one you buy in NZ you usually get two freebies and these are usually old issues, hence the massive double up.

Now for a change of topic, for those of you that haven’t heard of the West Coast of NZ, if for nothing else it is known for having wetter than wet weather and for not being very warm, but hey, we like it.  Well, this last week we have had temperatures that would rival the North Island.  018 I just read ours and it’s 7.30 p.m.  and because some of those North Islanders don’t believe we get it hot look at this, we’re almost tropical! Far too hot for quilting, but great for a bit of stitching which is what I’m off to do.

Have a lovely day everyone

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  1. Great job with your cleaning out... looking forward to seeing the before and after pics of your room when it is all finished.


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