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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I didn't say which Christmas, but here's one for OPAM

Ohhhh about a year ago I started to hand blanket stitch the Nancy Halvorsen quilt The 12 Days of Christmas.  Yep it was to be ready for Christ003mas, but I'm sure I didn't say which one.  Well, just to prove that I don't just make mini pillows, I finally finished the quilt.  The picture really doesn't show it off very  well and I'm still a wee bit unsure as to whether or not to add beads and buttons but it's finally finished after hanging as a 'top' for ages in my sewing room while I decided how to border and quilt it.  002 Nancy has done a great job on this design and some of the blocks are so elegant I particularly like the partridge in a pear tree.  The colours I used were fairly none traditional but I think the teal colour compliments the other colours I used.  What I'm most pleased about is that the entire thing was made from my stash.
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  1. Good on you girl! Knowing how lovely your quilt top was it will be amazing now its all finished I bet. Another one off the list.
    hugs Deb

  2. I loved this quilt when I came to visit. Your colouring was just fantastic. I am hoping to do this one myself. Of course, just like you, I won't be say which Christmas it is for. Now if I only had a stash like yours to make my quilt the same

  3. hey it looks great!! well done you!

  4. That is lovely Michele.
    Still have not used the paper you sent will try tomorrow,not been the best.
    Will go and do a wee bit of hand stitching.
    Man it is cold but at least it is fine.


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