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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh no, and just when my mojo returned!

I don't know if I have said it before but I have the most amazing sewing machine.  It's not fancy, it doesn't have an over the top amount of fancy stitches, it's just a Pfaff 2034.  My dear little machine never misses a beat and is always sitting there in the sewing table waiting for me to create something new.

Yesterday I wrote about how I just couldn't stick to any one project and how I was building up quite a collection of 'starts'  So this morning was a brand new day, I was going to shake this problem, my mojo (thanks Nicky *wink*) had returned -yeah.  A number of quilt tops just needed to be quilted, in fact one was almost completed and all that was needed was stippling around the outside edge.  Only one corner left to stipple and bang! Yep, I had broken a needle. No worries just put in another. sad face Hummm, not so easy I had totally jammed the machine with a teeny tiny bit of the needle stuck in the workings that I couldn't get to.  Oh noooo, I've only just got my mojo back and now my precious machine has to visit the doc - I broke my machine, sob sob.  And the doc is a four hour drive away, sniff sniff.   So now I have my mojo and no machine, we've never been apart before!   What am I to do?

sniffing hugs

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  1. I know how your feel, Miche'le - my 2040 is out on loan and I sometimes have a little thought that is cut short very quickly! Hope you get her meded soon!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Oh no Miche'le, I hope your machine is back on deck again soon. At least you can carry on with all that stitchery for A Gardener's Journal now that you have been reunited with your mojo! tehe. Good luck for a fast repair job.......Nicky

  3. Bad luck. Perhaps some handsewing / stitching is in order.

  4. Oh dear, hope you two are not too long apart or you will get withdrawal symptoms. That's quite a drive you have to take your machine to be repaired, isn't it!

  5. So sorry about your machine. I do have a backup if that happens however I would still miss my magnificent brother machine.

  6. How awful to be without your machine. My 37 year old Bernina died a few months ago, and so I decided to buy a Janome sewist. I love it. I am so fortunate I have a Janome dealer and general sewing repair man only 2 minutes drive away. Hope youare reuinited soon


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