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Sunday, May 16, 2010

What the heck???????????

Firstly I need to respond to the e-mails and posts concerning  a friend that was facing breast surgery.  She has now had it and no other nasties were found.  As far as I know she is waiting to see if and when radiation therapy starts.  I passed on your good wishes and thank you for sending them to her.
This last week has caused quite a few tears and made me realise that when one or two things go wrongimagesCA8DYWUE many other things are likely to follow and not always good.  It's been an awful week!  Why is it that weeks like these happen when you are feeling low and lonely and the upsets just seem to snowball?
Dear Miss Pfaff should arrive home today after I broke her on Monday, then I took a tumble while mowing lawns.  I should have looked  more closely when moving down to another level on the lawn. I'm OK now and the couple of bruises are fading rapidly but it shook me up a wee bit.  Then there was the storm - hummm, the wee bit of building work is about to start (thanks to the insurance company).  Next,  out of the blue, the biggest shock I got and the  hardest  was saying goodbye to my local quilting group.  Sadly I have been informed that they have outgrown my little shop and because of other surprise problems they wont be meeting here.   Unfortunately because of my ties here I wont be able to follow them even on my one day off as there is always home business to deal with then.  I think this has been the hardest blow - no bruises, none that show anyway.
So as you can see it's all gone pear shaped. I'm just hoping that this coming week will be better - it couldn't be any worse!  I truly hope you all have a great week, as for me, if anything else goes wrong I'm likely to grab that chocolate bar I've been craving.
cyber hugs to you all my signature

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