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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chilling out one way or another

After being exposed to Japanese Taupe fabrics and Japanese patterns and totally falling for them I let my fingers do the walking and found a couple of books001 on line that just had to come and live with me, really, they were  orph003ans! Well, that's what I'll tell DH if he ever discovers them or the Visa bill for them.  In between time I 009 am going to just ogle over them and try to make some sense out of the instructions.  You see, they are all in Japanese : /  On the upside, 006 the illustrations that accompany the instructions are fantastic and I think I'll be able to make sense of them, however, fabric quantities etc are lost in translation and thank goodness for trade marks and trade names as they are the same world wide : ))


Just recently on the home front, our little Miss Faith had picked up a very nasty stomach virus.  The poor little might just moaned and groaned and everything else that goes with stomach viruses.

She often has a shower and in order miss faith asleep in the shower to lower her temperature her Mum  decided a tepid shower was needed.  The poor little mite stood there for a while then got on her knees,  with the shower running over her back, next thing she was fast asleep!! 

Now isn't this an awwwwwww moment?

Have a great day


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  1. The poor wee sweetheart Miche'le, I hope she is feeling better by now. Those books look great and I am so looking forward to your translation once your Japanese language skills have kicked in.

  2. Poor little darling! I hope she is feeling a tad better now....
    Those books look delish...good luck with the translation....maybe you can scan the page and google translate it?

  3. Oh bless, hope Faith is feeling so much better. That photo is definitely an awwww moment. Loving this Japanese books and taupe look too :) Hugs Jx

  4. That pic of your little girl asleep in the shower is priceless! I do hope she is much better by now. I am so addicted to Japanese fabrics & books & I live here so I have quite a scary stash by now! Warm wishes from a fellow fabricoholic in Tokyo!

  5. Oh, poor wee Faith, it is a gorgeous photo though! Hope she's feeling much better now. Love the new books, lots of inspiration there. I bought a Kazuko Aoki X-stitch book a while back, and have not managed to learn Japanese yet either!! Pics are still lovely to drool over though and XS charts/DMC numbers are pretty universal thank goodness. Hope you're having a great week.

  6. Aww the little sweetie.

    The Japanese stuff is very gorgeous but I am stash busting still so I can have room in my drawers to buy a set of new fabrics at a theory...if I can afford to ...and don't get distracted by gorgeous fabric. :-)


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