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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Secrets and hides


Oh my goodness me, just a few weeks now until Christmas and although I have been really busy sewing I can’t show you what 019I 020have been stitching,as like every thing else at this time of the year – it’s a secret!

  What I can show you are the beautiful sunsets that glow over me as I sit hand stitching in the evenings. Aren’t the colours just amazing and I didn’t even have to edit them at all? 030

Then I can show you a bit of some of the fabric I’ve been using on one of my secret squirrel projects.  I sure hope my secret partner likes it.

Another secret or two(from DH that is) that I can show you is some of the ‘buys’ that just033 jumped out of the laptop at me.  Firstly there is a whole lot of Blackbird Designs patterns, followed by some more – some of which I’ve 031already stitched up. Aren’t those little stockings so sweet?  I have a few036 more of the stocking patterns on back order.  I’m starting to notice that all my buys are for cross stitch!!! How can that be?  I’m a quilter!  But that’s just reminded me – I need more 30ct linen.

Then – you can tell DH has been on many late shifts by the amount of on-line purchasing I’ve made, LOL. I remembered 035some thread sticks I saw at the Quilt and Craft Fair a couple of months back.  So I managed to track them down .

Now, as I said these are all secrets from DH – he’s not to know, OK? 

Goodness me, just rolling back over this is shocking. But what you do need to realise is that these weren’t all bought at once, I did pace myself over time. Now I just need another twelve hours in every day to get them and all my quilts done in my life time.

Happy stitching everyone

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  1. Sshhhh, I won't tell if you don't. LOL. It is possible to be a cross stitcher and a quilter - you just have to settle for less finishes of each! Unless you find some of those days with extra hours in them - if you do let me know where they are hiding. LOL. Love those stocking patterns from BD - they are so sweet aren't they!

  2. Hey, I am a cross stitcher too, although the old eyes aren't quite what they used to be which is why I find quilting easier now. I love Blackbird designs and have loads of cross stitch patterns by them. Their designs are lovely and I like the subtle colours they use.

    Oh my, that sunset is breathtaking! I have heard about the West Coast sunsets. Isn't it gorgeous!

  3. Always so good to pop in and see what is happening with the New Zealand quilters!! Happy sewing!!

    Douglas Eagleson
    Kona Bay Fabrics

  4. Good on you sweet, you know your secrets are safe with me. After all your secret is my secret if you know what I mean. -hehehe

  5. I know what you mean -I need more hours in the day at the moment.

    Great quilt entry. I finally photographed a wallpaper horror for you. :-)

    Yes it is so tempting to see so many lovelies on line. I can't see me finishing my Wanna Make 2010 list but at least I wont be adding a full page of the previous year like I had at the end of 2009. LOL


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