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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh flip, I’ll start at the very beginning, it’s a very fine place to start…


Ha ha, I know you now have a certain tune playing through your mind haven’t  you??

It’s a story that took about a week to create and now I’ve discovered that life took over, Christmas is here in a couple of days and I can’t push the ‘pause’ button.

Maybe this should be called ‘Having my head in the clouds’ as that is where our story begins006.  You see I had a surgeons appointment in Christchurch.  Now that is a three and a half hour trek to the other side of the Alps so Mr BHQ and I took of early with plans to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping.  Less than half 016way over the pass we were delighting in the beauty of the scenery and then as if someone had heard our conversation we rounded a sharp corner and were met with thick low clouds.  Slowly, slowly we carried on, certainly not at the speed that we would usually race to the other side.  Four hours later we crawled into Christchurch, desperate for a decent cup of  coffee and the usual pit stop.


Now the reason for the surgeons visit is on going pain following surgery over two years ago to my ankle where a couple of rather large pins were inserted, so masses of walking just doesn’t come easily for me.  Mr BHQ thought he knew the best place for coffee which just happened to be at almost the opposite end to where the pit stop amenities were.  This blooming mall must have been at least 5km long (well it felt like it) OK so that’s a bit over the top, but the blooming thing just went on and on. Why can’t men just go with the flow instead of thinking they know it all?


With 15 minutes to spare before the pre appointment x-ray I discovered the cutest little shop that sells coffee and quilts and espe040cially Japanese Taupe fabrics – waa hoo.  So, being rather reserved and knowing that there was very limited time left I only bought just a few little bits.   Now aren’t they just gorgeous???  The best thing is I now know where this shop is and as Arnie said “I’ll be back”.


We made the x-ray appointment and then straight on to the surgeon.  My appointment was for 4-15p.m. Another man thing – huh, we got in to see him closer to 5.  Anyway the upshot of that was there is to be more surgery – we’ll chat about that much later but not today.The race home was to begin.  Both of us were now very thirsty and hungry so called into the the afore mentioned mall to visit McDonalds for a takeaway.  This time I led the way, at a hobble of course and Mr BHQ just had to fall in line – yeah, I won!!


So that was the 16th, we got home close to 10p.m. and really needed a good sleep.  The 17th had FIL and BIL arrive on the early flight to stay for a few days.  Joy!! I truly love my FIL and was so pleased to see him and how he is progressing following a stroke early this year.  Domestic goddess/super heroine is how I was starting to feel, cooking, cleaning, serving in the shop every moment was filled in.Yesterday all visitors left, the house got cleaned, laundry done and I even managed to get a bit of sewing done.


Today I finally got to get out in the car and collect a few groceries – yeah, freedom at last!  While loading the groceries in to  the car boot I discovered the gifts and Christmas cards we had planned to post while in Christchurch over a week ago – OH NOOOOOO!!! Stop the world I need a rewind all our gifts etc. just aren’t going to make it in time – oh flip.

I hope all of your plans are going much better than mine


a name Miche'le


  1. Sounds to me like you have perfectly good excuses for the packages being late. Besides who cares? It just means that the Christmas cheer will be spread out a little.

  2. Oh who cares is exactly right, besides the main thing is you found where "Memories" is and now you know that you can have the pitstop there as well as coffee and nibbles and save all that wasted time in the future.

  3. Oh heck what a week. Though I agree it don't matter if pressies are late. The new found quilt shop certainly sounded good. Merry christmas to you and your family. Hugs Jxx

  4. what a week for you! Doesn't matter if the pressies are late..extended Christmas for some. Bad news about the next lot of surgery, hope it all goes well when it happens.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    cheers Julz

  5. I think it's good to have presents and cards to open after Christmas. When you've had the turkey all week and finished the last of him in a curry, and are looking at the dust on decorations and wondering if you could start to pack some away before 12th night, a parcel arrives and you thin -"ooooo" all over again and get some more egg nog. :-)

  6. Miche'le,
    Those cards and gifts will be just as loved and appreciated whether they get there today or later next week. I love when there is a gift that is left until awhile after Christmas. It is a real day brightener.
    It sounds like you had quite the journey-
    It is always nice to add some beautiful fabric to your stash. You found some lovely ones...
    Hope that the ankle surgery goes very well. It is hard when ones mobility is limited.
    Wishing you and yours a lovely Happy Christmas.
    Warmest regards,

  7. Oh poor you. That sounds like a week you don't need to repeat again in a hurry! At least some good came out of the week though and you got some new fabrics!


Thankyou so much for popping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and will get back to you if needed, hugs - Miche'le

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