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Friday, January 28, 2011

Knock knock… who’s there???? OPAM calling.

The postie dropped by this afternoon with a couple of little birdies from another little birdie way over the hill in Lyttleton.  Miss Darlene has been busy I feel as it was only this morning that I left a comment on Shiree’s blog , about the delightful little blackboard008 that Miss Darlene had sent her.  Then blow me down, the postie had one for me also just look here on the right isn’t it cute?  Just look at the free bird too, just way too cute009.  Thank you so much Miss Darlene what a lovely surprise you gawjus wee thing. Mwah.

And now for something completely different – OPAM.  Wahoo we have started another OPAM year and am I the only one that seems to be on some sort of a roll with finishing things??
First of all I got this little beauty done004 (3)
002 (3)Then I managed to get this other one finished too and then there was a fun cross stitch that finally 018got some fabric and quilting added to it.  As if all of these weren’t enough I rummaged through my smaller UFO pile (yep, I have them in varying sizes) and found the following two stitcheries that are now finished.  001Whew, no wonder I’m a tad tired, all this finishing really takes it out of a girl and I 005still haven’t managed to sort out my sewing room – oh well, that can wait for another day (or month, or year).  So how’s your OPAM total coming along?
a name Miche'le


  1. You're just showing off now aren't you but good on you I say, wish I could get motivated.
    Isn't the little blackboard gawjus, yep I got one also except I was told I wasn't allowed to write anything rude on mine-as it I would.

  2. wow your on fire..........all those finishes.........well done...

  3. It was a pleasure to make it for you Miche'le. A little something to write your all your OPAM's for the month on, but if you keep doing what you have done this month, I will have to make you a bigger board LOL

  4. well, cutsee tootsee, our little balckboards huh! we can do a secret language code thing??? how do we send it tho?

  5. Wow you have been busy. Al those finishes.

  6. Well done- I like the idea of having different sized UFOs. Does that mean that they are less likely to fall on you when walkign in the craft room? LOL

    Great work.


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