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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Beginnings on Australia Day


I’m not part of a huge or even large quilting group, instead I’m part of a small group of like minded ladies that I really enjoy the company of.  These ladies all have different talents and abilities  and each one is very different in personality from the other but what these great ladies do have is a ‘can do’ attitude and a huge amount of empathy.  So when I mentioned The Gum Tree Designers   appeal for flood victims, New Beginnings, the girls didn’t hum and ha, instead they said “when are we going to do it?”


Today is Australia Day, what better day could we choose to start making a selection of sewing caddies as our contribution to the New Beginnings appeal. We were really lucky to gain another sewer when Rachel from ’A Patch Of Country’, in Kaikoura  joined in to grow the number of  finished caddies.

Only a few caddies got to the finished stage008 by the end of the day, the others have been taken to various homes to have the hand sewing done.  By this time next week we should have a respectable amount to mail off to The Gum Tree ladies.

All in all a very Australian Day.




  1. What lovely bizzy bees you all are... I am sure the caddies will be much appreciated in Australia... the mind boggles I can not even begin to imagine the real devestation of such a thing to an individuals life... We are so cosy here in NZ and so so lucky really, even with our disasters .... to lose every thing I can not even begin to get to grips with that.

    Hugs Laurie

  2. I think it's wonderful when everybody bonds together to help. Quilters make the best friends:)
    xx, shell

  3. Those are fantastic- just what a sewer would need to try and regain some new normality in their lives after losing so much. Great therapy as well as so practical to help them make new things for their families.

  4. What a great way to get your New Beginning kits done - a fabulous excuse for a good sewing day!

  5. great excuse for a day stitching, aren't these groups a wonderful way to bond with likeminded, and I am sure that our Aussie frineds will be dekighted with their new caddies!


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