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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Pitter Patter of Tiny Feet

We live in a very rural part of Hokitika, actually we live 6km north of Hokitika up a long road and nestled in a spot surrounded by native bush.  It’s a lovely spot and most days are started with the sound of native birds in the background.  From the moment we get up and let the dogs out to do their thing ,the back door is hooked open and stays that way until bedtime.  Now just opposite the backdoor is the door to my sewing room which is always open , so when someone turns up for a cuppa or better still for the shop I can see them from my sewing machine.
The other day I was having a great days sewing, I was totally ‘in the zone’.  Behind me I heard a muffled thump, nothing major but enough to make me look around.  Now, if you are squeamish don’t carry on reading – OK, you’ve been warned!
I found myself eyeball to eyeball with a bush mouse!  This brown thing must have been awwww, all of 3 inches long then there was it’s tale!!!!!
Now why would a mouse want to come and live in my sewing room, there’s no food there for it and although we have had the odd ‘visitor’ before there was nothing for this one or so I thought.
005Take a look at this, yep it’s soap! It’s a specialty soap a dear friend of mine gave me – she’s into trying new things and wanted my opinion on this soap.  I001 never did get around to opening it so popped it on the drawers in my sewing room along 006with other treats I had been given by friends.  Well, will you look what the crafty mouse did.  Yeah, it’s porridge soap, but still soap and the flipping mouse ate the blooming stuff!!!
Now, onto something a lot less wordy and February's contribution for my OPAM count008.  Another cross stitch, Polly wally doodle.  I was drawn to this one as the bird in it looks like the Pukeko, a native bird of NZ.  I got carried away again, and beaded all the little dots around the words.


  1. Eek me not a fan of mice either - we get fat bush rats here and tiny mice - the cats love to catch them and leave them as gifts - uggh. The stitchery is really nice :) Hugs Jxx

  2. The same thing happened to me once - we discovered that a mouse had been living in my daughter's wardrobe (probably it escaped from a cat and took refuge there)and feeding off some special birthday soap - eek!! She wouldn't open the wardrobe for a long time after that!!

  3. Oh how special! Love mice but hate their smell. You know when you've got mice in a barn.

    Great stitchery. Love the lace edging- great idea.

  4. Well the soap does look good enough to eat....LOL...well done on your finish it's gorgeous...

  5. Soap?? Of all the crazy things to eat! When I was little my mom would wash our mouths out with soap if we said a naughty word! Silly mouse.
    Love the stitchery!
    xx, shell

  6. Hi Miche'le, my first visit & nice to hear Hokitika has a quilt shop. I am from up the road in Nelson & spent Christmas there but live in Perth WA. I hope your little visitor has now gone back to the wild. Love the cross stitch - love pukekos! xx


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