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Monday, February 14, 2011

Some ‘Me’ time to work on OPAM


Tuesday is my only day off so when I asked DH if he wanted to meet me for lunch and was turned down, followed by DD2 turning me down as she had to go ‘out’ I was more than a bit ‘miffed’ but rather than feeling sorry for myself I cranked up the stereo, turned on the fan in my sewing room, lit a scented001 candle and gave the sewing machine a jolly good run.

A week or so ago I started making these dear wee blocks using a004 Robyn Pandolph selection of fabric.  I had no idea what I was making but I just kept making them.

Well today I decided 002enough was enough so they got sashed, sandwiched and quilted and now bound. Yeah, another finish for OPAM.

Just by the by, it’s amazing just how good the bright sunlight makes the colours look compared to the overhead fluro lights in my sewing room.007


Now what else can I get stuck into???

Have a great day

hugsa name Miche'le


  1. Hiya sweet, that is really lovely and as you say the cololurs all go so well together.
    But what a cheek being turned down for lunch with you, I'd be a bit miffed also.
    You need to live closer, we'd always find time for lunch!!

  2. Wow......that is just so beautiful Miche'le...

  3. Oh so so sad no lunch I would have come with you if I had lived closer... or even spent the day sewing with you, I find I do better with company when I am sewing.
    Sunday is our UFO day at Patchwork you just go along 10-3 I get more done there than at home on the lonesome.
    Hugs Laurie

  4. Shame no one wanted to go out, but what a great excuse to sew. Thats a beautiful finish.

  5. Hey Miche'le ,
    if I lived in the same country I'd be up for lunch with you...
    great effort though to finish the blocks and the quilt...go girl!
    cheers Julz

  6. Gorgeous fabrics Miche'le and the pattern is lovely :) I love it and if I had been there I would have gone out for lunch with you :)
    hugs Vicki xxx

  7. That must have felt good, to work on something so satisfying. A great result after a shaky start!

  8. Brill quilt. Their loss is your gain Miche'le.

  9. by the looks of it we need to have a cyber lunch! Miche'le, your quilt is stunning, I am amazed at all of the wonderful work going on in blogland currently, everyone is so busily productive!!

  10. Hey Miche'le! Well done! What a pretty quilt you created ... love your colour choices! And good to see your OPAM list growing! :0) Can't understand your DH and DD turning down lunch ... what's WRONG with them! :0) Ah well ... a productive day in your sewing room instead. Enjoy the rest of your week! Bear Hugs! KRIS

  11. Such a lovely quilt Miche'le, couldn't think of a better way to spend a day even if you got stood up for lunch....

  12. what a devil know one to share lunch. A friend came today and gave us a crayfish ooohhh how lovely we have so enjoyed it for the evening meal.
    Kath said it was great meeting the lady with the templates etc she really enjoyed it. I went for awhile at the shop here but had to leave had frozens in the bag.Was very interesting but i had done the wedge one years ago at a class.
    Wish it wasnt so hot know doubt you feel the same.
    Just finished a railfence lap quilt for a friend going to post it on Thursday when i go to get hair done.
    I love your quilt you make so many lovely things. all the best,Pat


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