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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This, that and a bit of the other

001Brrrr, Winter has well and truly come to stay for a while and after seeing the end of the wettest couple of weeks on record for our region it is so therapeutic to sit, indoors, soaking in a little heat from a Winter sun.  This is the view from out the front of the shop and this other is through the palm tree which is just outside my kitchen window,028 where the snow is just visible on the Alps in the distance.
I made the foolish decision to clean up, tidy up and chuck out any crap unwanted stuff (i.e., rubbish) from my little sewing cave.  Well, that was  three or four days ago and although I’ve filled many a bin there is no extra space to show where it all came from. Plus, I’m still plodding through the tidying session and looking after the shop and… Miss Faith came 020 (2)for a visit while her Mummy had a week in hospital. 
Yeah, my little sewing buddy was here and yes, she still wants to sit and stitch with Grandma (waahoo).  Some of her attempts have been rather ‘random’ in style but her tension and even stitch length is coming on.  Anyway, I’ve kept the first couple, dated them and popped them into a frame.  One proud Grandma here – tee hee.
On the sewing front, well, I seem to have lots on the go – huh, what’s new?  Most of which is in the  Christmas stitchery range but I have a couple of things finished for OPAM.
My first finish was a birthday gift for Miss Deb.  I think it was supposed to be a wall hanging001 (7) but I wanted to incorporate Debs beloved polka dots into it , so, in the end I made it into a cushion for her,  and of course the back side had to have its  share of polka dots too.002 (5)

The next sewing project was something I thought “oh heck, the end of the month is nearly here and I have an OPAM project due”. Of course forgetting the cushion I had made earlier and knowing that I needed a project to run a class on so I got stuck into  making a bag.                                                    005
I’m really pleased with the results of this bag, the end pockets are just the right size for specs and mobile phones and then there are just heaps of other pockets for me to fill.
So, another week is over, DD2 is out of hospital but still very sore, Miss Faith has gone home and my sewing cave is still a shambles – ho hummmm.
After sharing the stitchery I made for Miss Deb I have had a number of requests about it so I'm adding this little extra bit.
It is called 'Friendships Are Sewn' and I bought it on-line from

Time to throw another log on the fire.
keep well, hugs
a name Miche'le


  1. Lucky Granny, my Granddaughter lives so far away from me, it is hard to get much time with her.I am pleased you have your wee one well on her way to a healthy addiction!
    I love the stitchery cushion, is that a pattern or something you designed yourself?

  2. How cool to sit and stitch with your beautiful grand daughter and what great memories and treasures you are making together.
    I have a hard time imagining palm trees in the winter sun as I live in a climate where snow is ever present over most of the Canada in the winter time- last winter especially.
    Enjoy the winter sun and time with your grand baby.
    Warmest regards,

  3. Brill cushion for Deb. Perfect for her and her obsession. Love the bag- an unusual design.

    I've got guests so the craft room had to be done or there was no where to put the matresses. Otherwise it would still be in a mess. Sympathies

  4. Looks like you are getting similar weather to us!

    I saw your stitchery on Debs blog - beautiful!

    I hope your daughter is not so sore now. How lovely your granddaughter enjoys stitching.


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