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Sunday, July 3, 2011

To love, honour and respect


I’m one of those people that quietly enjoys being at home most of the time, mind you sometimes I do get cabin fever and just itch to get out and do ‘something’.  The last few months have had me really house bound and the lack of independence has had me going absolutely bonkers, so last week when I needed to go to physio and DH couldn’t take me I really enjoyed the feeling of freedom as I drove myself  there.  Yeah – free at last!  I’m still walking with quite a limp and have been told that that may possibly be with me for life, but hey, at least I can still walk and there are many that can’t so I’m very lucky indeed.


Another reason I am lucky is with the man that I proudly call my husband.  Last008 Friday Jon and I celebrated 32 years as man and wife . The day started off fairly quiet then number 2 daughter turned up with a beautiful bunch of flowers that were from 007her and her sister.  I didn’t get much chance to spend too much time with her as the shop has been really busy and Friday was no excuse – no sooner had one happy quilter gone out of the door than another came in.  By the time I got to sit down with a cuppa another delightful bunch of flowers arrived from DH himself.  Gosh I’m spoilt (and loving it).


Once the shop was shut and DH was off duty002 we went out for a beautiful meal at the little local French eatery.  By the time our food arrived I clean forgot to take photos so just believe me when I 001say the eye fillet steak followed by decadent chocolate pots kept me very, very happy!

Saturday, again the shop was busy and although I usually close at one I was still serving customers after three! In between I got to spend time with the two Grand-daughters: Miss Faith and Madam Taylor.  Gosh they are growing so fast in fact Miss Faith has her first day at Kindergarten today. Saturday night we went out to a local rustic Westth_vivian_the_social_butterfly_by_kaitoucoon-d316dq7 Coast pub for a farewell function for one of DH’s colleagues.  Heck two nights in a row I’ve been out –  I’m almost a social butterfly now *wink*.

Well, the ‘going out’ didn’t stop there.  DH decided on Sunday that 006we were going to travel up the coast line to Punakaiki for lunch.  The scenery was wild and exciting and once at003 Punakaiki it’s pancakes rocks were clearly visible complete with blow holes

. Lunch was fabulous and I had a piece of the pancake rocksnicest, freshest fish I have ever tasted.

So today here I am, at home writing this inpunakaiki blow hole between serving in the shop and doing the domestic goddess thingy.  The previous weekend has flown by like a dream and my life has returned to normal. My life that I share with the man I promised to love, honour and respect – yep, it’s a good life.


a name Miche'le


  1. Congratulations on your 32 years!! Sounds like a whirlwind few days and obviously special ones for you all :-) My daughter visited the pancake rocks recently and said they were brilliant too.

  2. congrats........enjoy the flowers.......

  3. Congrats to you both! Lovley pics of all your gorgeous flowers and amamzing Coast scenery. You really do live in one of the most beautiful places in NZ, you lucky girl. Great to hear the shop has been so busy, one day I'm going to get up there!

  4. Gorgeous Flowers Miche'le - And what a beautiful coastline to visit. It is a stunning place. My husband and I have been together for the same number of years as yourself. It will be officially 31 years at Christmas time. Like you, I feel really fortunate to be with someone who is as loving and supportive as I could wish for.
    May you and your husband enjoy many more happy years together.
    With best wishes,

  5. Congratulations and what a lovely time you had.

  6. hello you, what a lovely week you have had then, you deserve to enjoy yourselves!

  7. Happy Anniversary. It sounds like you have had a fab week. Gorgeous flowers! All sorts of quilt colour ideas there. :-)

  8. Sounds like you had a fab day sweetie :) Congrats on 32 years :) Glad to hear your foot is better but not so good about the limp..hope it improves too :) Hugs Vicki xx


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