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Friday, December 30, 2011

I must hurry


I’ll apologise in advance for any parts of this post being disjointed you see it feels like an awfully long time since my last post and longer still since the beginning of the month when I started another OPAM month. 
Because of that I’m having to keep flicking back through my photo’s to find out just what I have done.


Well first up was my blocks for the SAL ‘Some Kind O f Wonderful’, I was really rather pleased with myself at that stage as I was well up to date with my stitching and decided to do the following months blocks too.



Being a totally self confessed chocoholic I took great delight in stitching the chocolates making sure there were a variety to keep my imagination well fed.

Once these little blocks were done I spent some time actually looking through the book at other projects – well, before I knew it I had the light box out, some beautiful linen stretched over it and the bag and change purse both drawn up.  The stitching help fill in some of the shops quieter days in the lead up to Christmas.  Instead of using the odd bit of blue thread like Annie did, I chose to use a pale teal so that it matched the lining I used in both projects.



These have got this old brain going again and I’m in the process of creating a glasses case in the same style as well as another travel document holder, as if I need to start any new projects – huh!

Now somewhere amongst the month DH and I made it over to Christchurch.  We needed to collect Hannah our eldest grand-daughter and bring her back with us to spend Christmas on the Coast, as we hadn’t done any of our Christmas shopping we chose to stay over a night get the shopping done, hopefully pop in to see my Mum and also go and spend some time with our own Miss Deb.

I wasn’t able to get hold of the sister that I needed to speak to before I saw Mum, there was nobody home.    So rather than hanging around too much, we made our way into the malls that were packed019 with Christmas shoppers. Once we had done enough gift shopping for one day we found a lovely little florist where I was able to collect a pretty little posy for the lovely Deb and off we toodled to go and see her. 

Deb’s husband Bill, had known about our planned visit but it was a total surprise for Deb.  After an easy evening meal, lots of chatter and peace of mind knowing that Deb was doing a lot better than I had thought she might be, we returned to our motel  for an early night so that we were well rested for another shopping day to follow as well as returning home with our gorgeous girl Hannah.

All through this time I had been aware that my SSCS gift was on it’s way to Tasmania and was sure that my partner (Fee) would like what I had made for her.  The ornament Fee was able to open straight away008 (2) but the main gift would have to wait until Christmas day.  I was absolutely thrilled when Fee              e-mailed me to thank me for her gifts saying that she loved them especially her main gift.  I had made a wall hanging for her and knowing that she has Oriental cats I thought they would make a perfect subject.


During the following days I had been doing a little bit of Cross Stitching but nothing completed so I wont share them just yet.

Christmas day was a bit of a fizzer for us, DH had had a stomach virus a couple of days before the big day so wasn’t really up to his normal jovial, hungry self and I came down with it early on Christmas Day afternoon, needless to say there wasn’t a whole lot of feasting going on here.

Now it is New Years Eve, DH is on duty tonight, Miss Hannah has returned home with bulging bags full of lots of goodies fit for a pre teen and I will be home alone – and just quietly, I think I’ll enjoy it too.  There are a few good movies I’d like to watch and our eldest daughter has requested a new quilt to go into her new home, so I think I’ll do the cutting for that in front of the TV.

So that’s it, my last post for this year.  Written in a hurry so that I can get my count into the OPAM angels before the new year.

May 2012 be kind to each and every one of you


a name Miche'le


  1. A lovely newsy post and gorgeous projects :-) I can see why your gifts were well received. Enjoy your peaceful time and hoping you have a lovely 2012.

  2. Happy 2012 Miche'le!! Was so nice to meet you this year. Enjoyed reading about what you've been up to. Love those chocolates! So cute.:)

  3. Enjoy a peaceful night, it will be much the same in our house.
    You have a been a busy beaver...look out 2012!

  4. Golly Gosh you achievved a lot !! I looovveee my quilt more than you will ever know. Happy New Year sweetie.

    Hugs - Fee X

  5. You have been a busy lass :) Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2012. Hugs Jx

  6. Wishing you all the best for a happy stitchy 2012. Glad to hear you found Deb and Bill were weathering the storm okay.


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