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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So Long


It’s been so long since I last wrote but it hasn’t been through lack of trying.  Blogger just wouldn’t let me get to my page. Each time I logged on another secret code popped up to tell me that there was a fault – grrr, technology is great, when it works – ho hummm

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Well the family is now recovered from our daughters wedding and life has returned to some sort of normality. Sort of…

Within a week of the wedding my darling man decided that the time was right to remove a wall in our lounge room that I had been making none too quiet murmerings about removing to make the room larger.  Behind the wall was a silly little two metre wide space that served no real purpose, so my thought was why not include it in the lounge.  DH had refused for a long while but then out of the blue this happened:



Despite the fact that he laid dust sheets every where (sort of), my Spring cleaning has all gone to waste – there is dust hiding everywhere.  He has actually taken all the framing down now and the extra space makes the lounge really really big.  So the project for the New Year will be finishing, carpeting and decorating – yeah.

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In a previous post I did mention that our little group of stitchers had gone out for  Christmas lunch and had each shared our challenge quilts.  The rule of the challenge was a) follow the theme and b) it has to be any shape or size as long as it would fit into a 25” square. So here are some




As you can see we each all have our own distinct style.  The theme for this one was ‘Coffee or Tea?’  I think the girls rose to the challenge easily.  Gillian, as I said, won the choice of our next challenge to be finished for March.  She chose ‘Scotland (or was it Scottish?)’ – mmmm, my mind is working on it already.


Well, just a number of days now (not weeks nor months) until it’s Christmas Day.  this year will be the first year that we will have all of our grandchildren together with us in the one place – it truly will be magical after all what is Christmas unless you see it through the eyes of a child?  So I guess I should continue making the house ready and filling the cookie tins.

take care, hugs

a name Miche'le


  1. The coffee or tea projects are all so cute! What a great idea. Merry Christmas! Excited for you to have all of your chicks in the nest this year. :o)

  2. what fabulous projects from your stitching group, isn't it great that we all inspire each other so well. Good luck with your renovations... and Merry Christmas!!!

  3. So nice to see the results of your challenge.

    Guess there's no stopping the men once they finally get around to doing the long put off job. MIne is finally painting after me waiting for several years for him to start.

  4. Wonderful theme for quilts! I hope your living room is looking great for Christmas. The space is going to be handy from the sounds of it.


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