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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If it's not one thing...

It has been over a month since I have managed to write a post and for those of you that follow my blog I am sorry.  The hassles that I have with an ancient exchange for my computer is well recorded on my blog but of late the problems have been huge and each time I have sat down to write a post the flipping connection has been down - arghhhhh to say the least.  I have tried all the contacts that we get transferred to and each layer of response blames another but during this I did get to meet the technician that really does the 'donkey work' and he was an absolute honey.  The fact that I know his name and even get a wave from him when he drives by gives some indication as to how often we have had dealings.
Just as all the Internet connection problems were easing my laptop decided to die.  It had been making subtle threats of its demise I think for some time but then one day - nothing.  Now I could try typing all sorts of signs and symbols to represent what I said, but I'm sure you all have pretty good imaginations and don't need me to really tell you what was said.  The state of my laptop was confirmed through a telephone consultation with my computer whizz on the other side of the island.
Now losing that computer was a pain in the proverbial but losing everything that I had on it is a real worry.  For example, I just tried to sign into 'live writer'  - huh, I can't!  Apparently I have to sign up again for its use - darn it, I can't remember what name I used where - arghhh, again! So here I am back on the not so creative blogger post page.

Other things I managed to loose were things like all the clip art that I have managed to squirrel away for when I write the shop newsletters and blog posts but the worst thing is the fact that photos have been stored on there - pictures of our grand children, pictures of our beloved Goldie, Chuck and just great family pictures.  There is a small chance that some 'stuff' may be able to be retrieved, so my computer whizz says, but boy am I missing it.  In four years there were all sorts of goodies stored on there, not to mention untold quilt patterns that I had bought as instant downloads and numerous BOM that I had collected - thinking they were all safe while on the computer.  Oh how wrong I have been. 
This recent month has taught me a couple of things... number 1 - I rely far too much on my computer, especially for company and contact and, number 2... I need to remember to back things up and to print off hard copies of patterns etc - especially my own patterns.
So, for OPAM, I'm sorry but my pictures are on the other HP - yes, DH has bought me a new one - and for those I have kept waiting for an update - if it wasn't one thing ... it was another. 
So, for the next wee while it is going to take me some time to make up a collection again - please use this as a reminder to back up your folders and make copies.
keep well, hugs


  1. Oh you poor thing! Technology is great when it's working but wreaks havoc when it's not. Hope it's all back on deck soon. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality when I visited your shop. Back to reality with a thud, but it was a great holiday.

  2. Oh jolly things! We love em when they are going, but when they ain't well.....we say things!!
    Best of luck getting back up & running.

  3. Sorry you've been having all that hassle. I knew it had been a while since you last blogged, but didn't realize it was a month!

    Now you have your very own IT Whizz, I hope your troubles are over.

  4. Awww hon, I feel your pain. We had a similar problem with a 'puter here a few years ago, and a similar lesson was learnt. Although I must admit, your reminder is a timely one cos I think it's been AGES since I did any sort of back-up on this one - thanks for that ;o).
    I hope you get your precious pics and stuff back!!
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o) xxx

  5. Oh bother! ( that's not what I really mean...just computer talk for something stronger.) I am not vigilant enough in backing things up either , but do print stuff off to keep.
    You do realise that anything you have posted on your blog ( photos ) can be right clicked on and saved back to your own new computer.
    I have some quilt related clip art I would be willing to email you.
    I too rely on blog friends too much for contact with other ladies /quilters.
    Something many of us may have in common.
    Hope things improve!

  6. Sounds like a bit of a bad run. Great to see your shop mentioned in the Crafty Girls Roadtrip it looks like such a lovely book :)

  7. What a pain. I hope the data retrieval chaps can get your info off your disc. Hubby laughs that I keep so much on paper ...until his system crashes. :-)Good luck with the new computer.


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