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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Reality Check


I am usually a person that likes to look for the lighter side of things, the type of person that believes and trusts people far to easily and I also try to be the type of person that helps and gives rather than  takes and ignores.  Half full rather than a half empty glass type of person and also when I commit to something and give my word I will fight heaven and earth to keep it.  So when things turn to ‘custard’ I tend to go back to my cave and stay there until coaxed out.

A couple of “are you OK?” e-mails recsewing madnessently have sort of coaxed me out of my cave and made me reflect on some things that have happened over the last few months. 

Some of the problems, actually all of them, have come as a result of all of my traits as I mentioned above.  I trusted a  couple of people – not with big secrets or anything like that, but just with friendship – as you do, only to be ignored and ‘wiped’ (or blanked as I’ve heard it called) after following through on promises and actions. These were different people with nothing in common but both behaved the same.  Then, I discovered that someone I had trusted had actually taken myself and others for a ‘ride’.  She had elaborated the truth in more ways than I like.  These sorts of things wouldn’t usually have me running to my cave so much but it has happened a number of  times this year and the truth is I’ve had enough so it’s into my sewing cave I go – where there is me and my machine and despite the fact that I may get upset with her she is always there and always keeps to her programme and doesn’t drain me emotionally nor keep me from sleep.


During this time I also went through the dying of my laptop – yep, Miss Darlene (my computer wizz) tells me that the mother board was burnt out and so was my ram – goodness knows what that all really means all I know is that a new laptop needed to be purchased.  Thank goodness that all of my pictures etc. were able to be salvaged.


However the last few months haven’t all been misery, I got to teach at a local Quilters 091Retreat and despite the freezing (literally) weather, the hospitality was warm as was the class and I think the ladies092 in the class were pleased with their finished products – yep, all but one finished their Carpenters Wheels.

093 I also did something that I have never done before and that is – taken the shop away.  Having often thought about doing it and then looking at the huge amount of work involved I have always backed out of the thought but this time my gorgeous 013Wednesday ladies wouldn’t hear of me using the excuse that I was teaching and wouldn’t have time. 014 They wanted to run the shop and the truth be known, they were not going to 016let me get away with not doing it.  So with two cars packed we took off for the retreat and set up shop.022



I’ve also taken this ‘quiet time’ as a chance to get stuck into writing and stitching new patterns, stitching new quilts and in general making one unholy mess in my cave – something that I am going to have to address if I ever want to go and get  all crafty in there anytime soon *sigh*.  Which should be in the next couple of days – you see I have just bought a few ‘Jelly roll’ books and have decided to get cracking on some new bed quilts with jelly rolls and to add the personal touch – a little bit of applique.

onto something totally different:

Last weekend my dear man and I045 celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary.  For 35 years he has been my best friend and despite the fact that he has toodled off to do parts of his work in various countries for long periods of time he still comes home and we pick up just where we left off – he truly is my other half and I am so blessed to have him in my life.

I haven’t meant for this to become so dull and on reading back it has – I’m sorry about that so here’s something on the upside – I actually finished another quilt top, it is yet to be quilted but for the meantime I’m just thrilled with it so far.


Oh and I did manage to finish a little lap quilt that is by one of our NZ designers – I just love the combination of stitchery and piecing.


So, that’s it for this long overdue post, I really will try to be more regular in future, *wink*

take care




  1. Sounds like you've been having a rough time, glad that you're starting to feel happier. Happy Anniversary - that's an impressive achievement. Love your quilt top, it will be lovely when finished.

  2. You have been missed! so nice to see you blogging.
    Sorry you have gone through strife.
    Glad that you had the opportunity to teach a class. Any plans for a long road trip?? How about Canada??
    take care Miche'le. And Happy Anniversary to you and DH.

  3. Oh sweet girl are you okay? It sounds very yukky and unpleasant - You are way too nice to have to go through any of that C***. Sending you big squishy hugs xxxxxx Fee xxxx

  4. Welcome back Miche'le.... you have to remember life changes from day to day and things move in different directions often... that's what makes us grow and be who we are .... big hugs you are a lovely lady with the biggest heart
    .... Hugs Laurie

  5. you sound just like me, take people at face value, but unfortunately not everyone is like us....their friendship loss, not yours...chin up and show them what they have lost (might make them think twice perhaps)...

    love both of the above quilts...very pretty!

    and Happy Anniversary...

  6. Hopefully the rough time is behind you now and you can get your head into design mode. Some people are toxic and best avoided. Well done with the quilts.

    I hope you had a lovely anniversary. I've got our 25th of being a couple, coming up on the 15th. I can't quite believe it.

  7. Hi Miche'le

    Great that you are blogging again, Happy Anniversary too. It's sad and upsetting when friends let us down. So pleased you have come back out of your "cave" to talk to us all again.

  8. Hi sweet lady :) Lots of hugs going over the sea to you from me. Luv ya hunny and I know its hard but perhaps you are better off with out these particular people in your life. They were obviously users of you darl. Your teaching time looked fab and how special are those Carpenters Wheels!! Congrats on 33 years marriage too :) So special to have a wonderful man to share your life. :) Hugs hugs sweetie :) Vicki xx

  9. Hiya gorgeous, I love all of the quilts you taught the ladies and the results were fantastic though they should be to as you are such a great teacher- I've seen you in action remember. Your shop looked great all set up when you took it away and its really wonderful that you managed to take those extra steps and make yourself go. I know how hard it is to take those extra steps at times as we bury ourselves away so easily.
    Hunny you have no reason to worry about who you are, you are a beautiful lady, kind, generous & loving. A wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend. The people who have hurt you obviously don't know you, try to stay strong and trust in yourself. Love you lots.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband- You and your spouse have been together about the same amount of time as my spouse. Like you, he is my friend as well as my husband and I count myself lucky to have him in my life.
    People often do surprising things in life- hope that you have more that treat you with kindness and caring than has been your experience recently.
    I love the beautiful new quilt with such lovely applique.
    Wishing you some fun times filled with joy,

  11. Sadly there are people like that in the world. But happily, the better kind out number them. Glad you found your sunshine again. Happy Anniversary to you both. May there be many more. ((Hugs))

  12. Hi Miche'le, Sorry you met some not to be trusted people. Glad you have been sewing and congratulations on your 33rd!

  13. Hi Miche'le, glad you are back blogging . love the quilts. sounds like taking the shop away was a load of fun ! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary too! your opam list is looking impressive. sue~nz


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