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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The older you get–well!

Have you noticed that the older we (that is the royal we *wink*) get the faster time seems to fly by?  As a child School terms went on for ever and waiting for Christmas to arrive took an eternity.  Now, someone or something keeps taking my time.  I’m committed to listing my OPAM totals for each month and for the third or is it fourth month in a row I’ve been late – I swear my time is being acquired by someone or something else.

With all that said, I do have a couple of finishes  I’d like to share and add to my OPAM total – albeit 5 days late.   My first one is a “secret squirrel’ project that I can’t share : ( but the second one is the result of a new club that I run here at the shop.

The club is called the ‘Strippers Club’ and no, we don’t remove our clothes.  The Strippers Club revolves around Jelly Rolls.

When I first advertised the club I had no takers and was getting rather low, wondering what I could do to get people motivated and out of the low of  Winter.  All it took was one person to book and then wow, others were interested and joined.


 This is the one of the results from our first club day – simple B&W with lime.  Another B&W that was being made by our lovely Liz had a beautiful turquoise added to it.


Between the club days, doing my ‘thing’, pattern writing, running the shop and our Sit’n Stitch days time is running away.  If by chance you happen to find it please kick it back home as I sure could do with it.

With all of that being said, I don’t really think I want it any other way.  Things are great, I love my job and I’m so lucky to be doing what many others dream of.

I hope you all have chance to do something that is your passion too.

hugsa name Miche'le

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  1. Love that finish hun. Your UFO's don't lay about long enough to be considered UFO's, you are so quick getting them done. We might have to call them SRT's-- semi reclined tops.
    Love ya.


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