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Monday, October 29, 2012

Keep Safe, Keep Dry and some projects


First of all I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers for all that are in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  I hope you and yours come through unscathed.


Like so many others at this time of the year, I am getting busy.  It’s not because Christmas is creeping its way closer each day, it’s just because a number of things are slowly coming to a ‘head’ so I’m guessing that once they do get done life will return to it’s sedate self.


The first project nearing completion is our enormous renovation job.  Many months ago I shared pictures of ‘the man’ taking down a wall in our lounge  - well for months I’ve live with that unfinished sight that is until I discovered that the mention of getting another man in to get things done at a fee brought action to the fore – yeahhh!  So we have gone from decorating one room to, next Monday,  where the whole house is having new carpet laid and vinyl put in the bathroom, toilet and shower room.  The lounge has been redone though so I thought I’d share the new colours with you.


The curtains (bottom of pic) are a taupe and in real life quite a bit darker than shown here.  The wallpaper – at the top, has a touch of taupe and a subtle amount of pink and ivory in it. Once the carpet is down and I have chance to unpack all the ‘bits and bobs’ I take a proper picture where it hopefully all goes well together.

Playing around wallpapering and painting hasn’t left a huge amount of time for stitching but I have managed to finish this….


and this….


Both of which are for SSCS, hence the reason for only little cropped pictures – later in the year I’ll be able to show you the full images – tee hee, isn’t it fun?

One lovely finish I would like to share with you all though is Little Miss Jessie-May.


I just love cloth dolls and learnt a very long time ago that the only way I was going to get any was by making them myself.  Jessie May I have made out of ‘doll velour’, it’s a lovely fabric to use and has that lovely ‘peach fuzz’ finish.  I somehow don’t think Jessie May will be the only one from this pattern that comes to live in this house.

Well, that’s it for the moment.  I know somewhere deep in my sewing cave there are many other things that need finishing so I guess I had better go and hunt at least one out.

Have a great week one and all


a name Miche'le


  1. Not so good for sewing time, but renovations are great.....when they're finished!

  2. Busy times at the By Hoki house! Good on you for being so organised with your SSCS gifts. Your little Jessie May is adorable, have fun with the next one....


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