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Friday, August 23, 2013

The early bird

I think I’ve discovered the best time for me to sit and get to this on-going diary thing that we all call our ‘blog’.  The early hours, when there is nobody else awake, when the phone doesn’t ring nor when I get side tracked with some of my customers and friends. – So, 5.30a.m. it is, coffee alongside and now all I need is my memory to kick in Smile

Here at the shop life has become increasingly busy, especially the Sit’n Stitch days which are being Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Wednesday being the busiest.  As a group we are so very diverse not only in looks but in interests, age etc. but as well as stitching being our common thread (pardon the pun) there is something else that ties us together and results in much laughter and friendship.

Because Hokitika is more of a tourist type of town we often have lulls in passing customers as the ‘season’ winds down. Some of these tourists are also regular customers in an irregular way.  These ladies travel around in their camper vans going from town to town enjoying their travels and some make sure they are passing through on a Wednesday and join in our stitching days.  We have a couple of ladies that have done this for a number of years now and the ease with which they slot straight back in just confirms to me that we as quilters, in general, tend to get on and pick up where we left off just as we do with our stitching.


In the shop as I said, things have got increasingly busier.  With classes and groups on the go as well as the social groups, I manage to keep busy creating samples as well as doing my own thing (which should really read – thingS). The two monthly Strippers Club continues with the latest pattern being being one that required a little more concentration.  For my sample I used a collection of bright batik strips that jumped out from their black background.  Unfortunately my photographic skills haven’t really shown just how bright the colours are.


Another weekend and another class.  The Le Moyne Star 007variant was popular and definitely held the interest of the ladies over the two day workshop.  The number of ‘Y’ seams in this quilt caused a few problems at times and as the first day went on the ladiesand busy fingers discovered just how important that dreaded 1/4” seam could be in some patterns.  Jenny, is only a beginning quilter but she jumped right in and took part in the class producing a perfect star in  soft colours on a white background.


For my sample I chose to give fussy cutting a go – all seemed well until the flipping thing was finished, quilted and bound – then I saw how I had got one bit wrong – ho hum.


In between getting samples for classes done I have also been quietly getting on with my own projects.  One was a UFO that had been stitched and quilted a number of times and ‘unsewn’ too as I was never quite happy with the results.

Well, for one so small – it’s about 15” square, it took a heck of a long time to get completed – about 5 years all up.  But now it’s done and well and truly completed.


While I was in the finishing mood I also completed a little Redwork that I had been picking up and putting down.


This finishing thing is quite addictive though.  Just recently I decided to finish yet another UFO – this time a small sampler quilt that in itself is to be the sample for another beginners group.  As I got working on it all was going well – I heavily quilted various blocks and thought the quilting could also be a sample of what could be done too.  Hummm, all going so smoothly until I finally checked the rear of my work – OH NO!!!  What a mess!  So, for the last few days my self and the seam ripper have got well and truly acquainted and now I am starting again, but you know – I’m OK with that.

On that note it must be time for breakfast.  Have a fab weekend ladies


a name Miche'le


  1. Busy is good. Love all your finishes, especially the little mini, it's beautiful.

  2. early morning is a great time to one around to interrupt you.........peace a nd quiet....

  3. Early morning blogging seems to agree with quite a few of us!
    You sound very busy. And so many lovely finishes.

  4. Love all your finishes, Miche'le xx


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