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Monday, October 26, 2009

Stitcheries finally finished

After Kaaren from 'The Painted Quilt' got me all motivated into cleaning and sorting out my little studio, there before my eyes was all the fabric I needed to start my new 'Morris' project plus, I finally found the fabrics, laces and buttons needed to finish off the three stitcheries I had been working on over the last two weeks.
Although the sun was shining and there are quite a few weeds that need pulling outside, I gave myself the goal of having them quilted and bound by this evening.  Yeah, they are done and now I can share with you the finished products.
 I am no photographer so my apologies for some of the images looking slightly yuk, but I hope you get the idea.

'An Embroiderers Blessing' in real life, is really subtle even though the photo makes the background fabric look rather dark

This little blue one was out of a Nancy Halvorson book I think. maybe with the amount of 'to do's' I have piling up it should become my mantra, that way I could just happily sit and sew all day.

The following one is another Nancy Halvorson one and all of us can probably relate to it, yum, chocolate and calorie free!

The 'Morris' wall hanging is well underway, one block completed and another half done so hopefully in a few days I'll be able to show you that too. Tomorrow is a guild day and that gives me a great excuse to just stitch all day, using the fine tapestry needles has made things a lot easier now, no more catching bits on my fingers.
Well, now the sewing room needs some attention (again), however I don't think it will ever look as beautiful as Kaarens, pop onto her blog and have a look.
hugs to all
Miche'le at By Hoki Quilts
After checking out the preview you will very quickly be able to identify my lack of computer savvy, trying to get the images and text all flowing nicely isn't yet a skill I have - sorry.

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