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Friday, November 13, 2009

Blooming beautiful with the domestic goddess

After my walk in the garden the other day and feeling so thrilled with the flowers in it I decided that maybe if I just put in a little more effort things would be even more bountiful, more bloom, more scent and less weeds. Well, the weather decided for me, it rained so I shot outside to save just a few blooms to add a touch of nature in the shop, the colours are just so lovely - isn't nature clever, her colours never seem to clash the way fabric colours can?  Well, to add to my bunch of flowers I thought I'd pick a few of those orchids and blow me down, the little miniature orchid has flowered.  In the picture I placed a quilting safety pin along side it just to show how small the flower is, yet how perfectly formed, and it's scented!

It got really cool  here this afternoon, and as soon as Polly, our miniature Foxy backed up on to Chuck, the Golden Retriever I new it was time to close the doors and settle down for some hand sewing.  As you can see in the picture, Polly reverses up onto Chuck, you see she has no hair on her little tum and I think it's her way of getting some extra warmth.  Chuck is so layed back, even the cats snuggle up to him and 'pad' into his very, very thick coat.  For an old boy (13) he's so tolerant despite the fact that he's stone deaf.  Polly is the same age, however that doesn't stop her racing out to meet everybody that comes to the shop and announcing their arrival.

I'm trying not to spend too much time in the little spot of paradise I call my sewing room.  Mr BHQ is due to leave for his 6 month tour of duty in about three weeks and I figure that while he is away I will have more than enough time to sit and stitch, but after spending years where sewing was a daily occurance I'm going through some sort of withdraw.  I've even got all domesticated  - shock, horror, baking, dusting, even ironing now that feels strange when there's not a quarter inch in sight! Maybe I can use the time wisely and plan a few more projects - what the heck, the 'to do' pile, which is next to the 'UFO' pile needs some company.
Time to turn in for the night.  Keep well

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