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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Running on caffeine

Maybe I've overdosed on coffee or something, but Mr BHQ has taken Chuck (the dog) out for a walk along the beach.  they truly are the best of mates and to an extent I'm worried how the dog will handle his mate being away for such a long time.  Anyway since they have been gone I've managed to put the sashing strips and borders on the Morris wall hanging, pieced the background to another, and got a salad ready for dinner - whew!  I'm reminded of a card I saw, it said " I've drunk so much coffee I could probably thread my machine while it is running" - the mind boggles.

The background I have pieced is for a McKenna Ryan pattern 'Faith' .
I love the understated use of colour and of course our grand-daughter is called Faith so I though I'd make it for her room.  Unlike McKenna I am blanket stitching around the edge of the applique, I thought that way I can still be with 'the man' on an evening and just do some hand work.  Last night I fidgeted all evening long as I'm just not used to sitting doing nothing with my hands, so now I'm sorted. colour wise I have tried to stick to similar colours, but the 'Ryan' fabrics are so awesome and I dont have a single piece :(  so I have raided my stash, and hopefully it will all turn out ok. 
Well man and beast should be home soon, so I'll go and get them both some afternoon tea ready.
Have a wonderful weekend every body
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