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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Horseless carriage and bees by the million

Yeah it's Wednesday, hump day to some, but for me it's the day where I get together with the rest of Jade Country Quilters for some stitching, chatting and lots of laughs.
This week has been a double bonus you see yesterday we all trapesed off to a local honey cafe to put up a mini exhibiton of our quilts.  The cafe is a great place, spacious, airy and lots of yummy food and coffee.  Not only that, there are also supposidly a million bees that live in there dark holes and do what bees do in the dark, hence the name of the cafe.  Anyway, back to the quilts, as you walk in the double doors ahead of you there is this large black and white quilt.  Jan made this one and two other members have made at least one each.   At the other entrance to the cafe Kathy's huge teal and yellow log cabin quilt captures visitors attention. Throughout the cafe we scattered other quilts, including putting one on a horse drawn carriage, minus it's horse of course - don't ask me why there is a carriage in there, I have no idea but it sure as heck makes a great display space. Anyway for a little guild of just five members I reckon we put on not too bad a show.  These are just a few of our quilts I would have liked to have shown more but it's doing my head in trying to get the images and text balanced.
One more photo I promise - a few weeks back I said that I had started a wee wall hanging based on a William Morris pattern, well ta daa it's finished and here it is:
One more UFO done, yahoo, time to start another quilt to fill the gap in the 'to do' pile.                                                                                   
Have a lovely day - just one month until Christmas.                    

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