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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Angel and the Pukeko meets By Hoki Quilts

What a brilliant day I have just had and man am I soooo glad that I became a ‘blogger’ otherwise I wouldn’t have met the wonderful ladies I met today – yes Sam you are included .

After a number of e-mail exchanges Deb (The Angel and the Pukeko) e-mail and said that she was heading over the hill (actually it’s a tad larger than a hill and closer to the alps) to come visit our little spot of paradise here at BHQ.  Yeah, I was so excited!  Having only been on the West Coast for three years and for most of that time confined to the house for one reason or another, meeting up with a blogging buddy was a really big deal.

Before the car had pulled into the driveway proper I knew exactly which passenger was Deb, it probably had something to do with the huge smile and rapidly waving arms.  Then when she got out, the best bear hug ever.  When Deb sends you hugs, they’re good hugs.  Then I met two of Debs friends, Darlene (Stitching By The Sea) and her daughter Sam.  This was going to be a good visit – you could  just tell.002

We wondered through the shop, non stop chatter, it was great.  Once lunch was over and done with, it was time to continue sharing.  After being alone for a wee while now I can’t tell you just how great this day has been (thank you so much Deb, you have no idea how much your visit means to me),   no nervousness just good old fashioned friendship and banter.  Of course the camera’s were out and I must admit I kept forgetting to take photo’s. However, I did snap Deb in mid flight trying to get a photo of Darlene, who by the way did an amazing job of not getting into any of my photos.  You know I don’t think we stopped nattering and sharing for a good four hours, plus there was a fair bit of shopping that went on.004

Now they are gone and back over the hill and I am left with fantastic memories and the most beautiful bunch of Christmas lillies from Debs garden.  Three new friends to cherish and a new year ahead plus plans for future visits and sleepovers.  What more can a girl ask for?

From my heart to yours,  may 2010 be one of health, a bit of wealth and huge amounts of love and friendshipjudyatcomputer2resized


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p.s. be warned, a certain blogspot is going to be very heavy with photo’s – I wonder which one?


  1. Wahoo, I can see the new look blog now and wow it is really lovely.
    Aw Miche'le what lovely sentiments, thank you for such a wonderful day, we really enjoyed ourselves and it was fannytastic meeting you-next time jimmyjams here we come!!

  2. It sounds like you had a fantastic day. Blogland is so much fun isn't it?

    Hugs - Fiona

  3. oh I am so jealous!!!! how wonderful that you all met up, next time they can pick me up on the way!!!

  4. Wahoo that sounds like a fantastic visit. I nearly got to meet Deb and Shiree when they were up this way earlier in the year at CherryPie only for my daughter to have a meltdown which made leaving the house for the day very tricky - so didn't get to meet dear Deb. I can just imagine the non-stop chatter, photo taking etc - it sounds like a truly blissful day. Hugs Jx

  5. As one who is isolated and doesn't get company - apart from Mr Elefantz and the kids who live at home, I'm SO happy you had Deb and Darlene come visit!!! \o/\o/


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