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Monday, December 28, 2009

The Little Drummer Girl

A few posts ago I showed you all the Christmas dress I made for Faith.  It  was a challenge as firstly I wasn’t 100% sure on her size IMG_0967and secondly, I kept forgetting to use 5/8” seams, they seemed (pardon the pun) huge compared to the faithful 1/4”.  Anyway the dress fit beautifully, and Faith was the darling of the day.  Santa brought her so many toys, but her favourite turned oIMG_1011ut to be a collection of musical instruments, mainly the tamborine, which she uses as a drum.   Grandma also gained out of this present… the instruments came in great packaging!  A beautiful little wooden crate, just what I needed to store my slow growing collection of miniature pillows – thank you Faith.  It’s worth checking out packaging, I’m not a huge recycler but, when I see something useful I am quite happy to bribe my way into keeping it.  Above Faith is wondering what Grandma is doing with the rubbish.
Do any of you have a bit of the magpie in you?
happy hunting
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  1. ooooh I am way more of a magpie then I care to admit, if not then my move here would have been far easier, and I wouldn't need so much storage, and our little holiday home would not be so cramped! Faith looks real cute, and the little dress is lovely - bet those "drums" don't stay at your house!!


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