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Monday, December 14, 2009

Confessions of a senior moment

Life has been just a tad up in the air over the last week or so, but I’m pleased to say that my brain is slowly sorting itself out and coming to terms with everything that has and is happening.  So now I can ‘fess’ up and admit to a few things, hopefully I am not the only one that has done some of these things.
First of all put husband on the plane, sing all the way home – fairly normal behaviour, now things take a dodgy turn. Sunday, put through a charge on the VISA machine, $120 for a little shop like mine, that was a very good sale however when doing the books somebody :o had entered $12.00, hummmm.  After cashing up I sat with a cup of coffee, I had made the coffee with milk and heated it in the microwave.  Monday morning, cuppa time.  Where on earth was the coffee, I know I had plenty and can’t even find the canister?  Meanwhile, I went to get the milk out of the fridge, where was the milk? But oh, the coffee was in the fridge.  What on earth had I done with the milk – yep, somewhere along the line in my fogged up brain I had put the milk bottle in the microwave!!!!!!!!!!
Tuesday, I should have stayed in bed.  I had double booked reps early in the morning,  oh no, what was I to do, I had visions of fat quarters at ten paces, or worse still, jelly rolls scrambling around the floor.  Each rep must have thought I was totally bonkers, and by this stage I was fairly well convinced of it too.  Anyway, each was very nice and as they both got a sale they went away happy.  Not long after the reps left I rushed around, totally convinced I had a hairdressers appointment, so after getting dollied up, shutting the shop I toodled off for some pampering.  Wrong again, I was a week early – this was getting all too much! The stylist  just looked at me, and while explaining that I was a week early, all I really remember her say was "you poor love". Was I really going mad?
Well, for the rest of the week well it just rained, then the computer went bung, ugh, a week to forget.
So here I sit a week later, confession complete and a new hairstyle and colour. Harmony reigns again, speaking of rain, it’s stopped and the golden orb in the sky makes everything bright again.
Please tell me that I’m not the only one to have done one or all of these things!
Have a nice sane day, Christmas is just around the corner, or have I got that wrong too?
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  1. Miche'le, you are not alone.
    1/putting things in the fridge that don't live there--tick,
    2/ hairdressers a week early--tick,
    3/ sent kids to hairdressers a week early-tick, tick.
    I think its being female and speaking for myself age and the start of menopause-lol

  2. oh Miche'le, what a laugh!!!!, and no you are certainly not alone, we are all pretty bonkers... at times, and luckily not all at the SAME time! (trust Deb to say that nasty "M" word!)


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