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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Waterlogged and messing about with men

Yep, it’s still raining, over 240mls in just less than a week!  What’s a girl to do? Housework? No. Baking? No.  Ironing? Not likely.  So it seemed like the only thing left to do was to start a new quilt, I mean it’s not as if I have any UFO’s to finish – yeah right!  Besides I had this lonely layer cake just begging to be used, it caught my eye and my imagination every time I looked at it, so I gave in.  So far the result today is twenty five 9” ‘churn dash’ blocks.  Somewhere on the net rec005ently I saw this block and decided to make sure that I made it soon, so I’ve started, it's a doddle of a block. 
Today was the shops UFO day and we were blessed.  Four fantastic ladies came along, each one working on something different, what a great day so motivating and so much fun, time just flew.  Meanwhile outside the rain came down, how much rain can fall from our sky?
004 003 006
Once our ladies had  left I realised that it had been sometime since I had updated my blog, so with coffee in hand and camera at the ready I got settled down for some serious blogging – aha- unable to log in.  Time to phone the help desk.   After an hour of talking with a chap that I struggled to understand from the help lfinally he politely  put me on to the next level,of help. If I hadn't been so frustrated about the whole thing I would have thought that I had been promoted, but no, another man, another long explanation of what is not happening.  So here I was, one man on the phone, type this, unplug that, switch the other, press connect – ugh, just too much.  I really thought that I had messed the whole thing up and both of these ‘delightful’ men had allowed me to do that, another promotion, up another level, yeah!  Someone with sense (and a man at that!), “no it’s not you Miche’le, it’s a fault with the server”.  Mmmmmmm, after messing around with men for over an hour I discovered that this technophobe was not doing the wrong thing – why couldn’t they say that to begin with?  I mean I’m a woman, I can handle their apologies, but did I get one? Not a chance, and it’s still raining!
Keep dry, keep happy Summer will  might come one day
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p.s. couldn’t post this straight away, live writer has a ‘problem’, I give up!!!!!!!!!!

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