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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart

Yeah, I’m back on broadband after a week of non and over a month of intermittent problems.  Still not wireless, but at least I have faster speed than a sleeping hamster and it’s all down to my Telecom tech angel Spencerimages.  After venting my anger, at anybody on the other end of the telephone line this sweetie told me all was ok and that he would help reconfigure my computer.  What a honey, after two hours he still had a smile in his voice and my BP was well and truly settled, and yes, the first e-mail I sent was to his company to praise his calm, clear, respectful manner.  I think we have forgotten to praise good service often enough. However the offshore jumped up twit that continued to rabbit on and almost had the computer and me doing cartwheels is another matter!
Over the last month or so the exercycle has been a regular ride, and I’m still doing it but tonight I found something that got the old heart rate up – 7 Irish Tenors.irishtenors_0  Now I have never heard these guys before, but on TV tonight they performed and I for one will be hunting for any of their CD’s, that’s if they’ve got any.
Another thing that has the heart rate up is the emptying of my wee sewing room.  I am owed some funds which should have been in the account two months ago, well, according to the authorities it should be in the account this week.  What has that to do with a sewing room? Well, I’m giving myself a sewing room makeover – how exciting.  Photos of the before have been taken and until the make over is complete I’m just too ashamed to show them, at which time I’ll gladly show the old then the new, can’t wait until it’s all done.
It’s so good to be back, I’ve missed catching up with you all
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 p.s. If you would like to view the video of the 7 Irish Tenors go to and look for the 'Close Up' programme for today, they have a recording of it.


  1. Like you I loved the sound of those 7 voices on TV tonight.

    Glad you are back on fast blogging! The make over sounds exciting - I will watch with interest.

  2. Sorry to upset you on a holiday weekend is here !!
    But I am going to see the "7 irish tenors" on Monday night in Hamilton and really looking forward to it. Laurie


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