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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My patience has been well and truly tested over the last three days at least.  Our Broadband connection  went down, apparently it’s a Telecom fault, but I only found this out after many flipping calls to their call centre (which is probably on some distant shore on the other side of the world) and after doing the ‘most unhappy dance’ on more than one occasion, the powers that be have put me onto a dial up connection until the problem is solved – better than nothing, but my god is it slow.  Communications with my man in Timor has almost ground to a halt, and phone calls are just too expensive to chat to him as often as I would like, another grrrrrrrrrrr.

Goodness knows when this problem will be sorted, meanwhile loading any photo’s takes sooooo long I just give up on it.  As a result any posts will be text only for the time being so my apologies for the ‘wordiness’, but it’s not my fault.

I have been asked which pattern I used for the little container I posted  earlier.  It was a freebie from Handmade, Country Christmas. Vol 27 No4.  I have only one suggestion with this pattern and that is to add an extra half inch to the side lining to allow a proper fold over on the top.  Otherwise it’s awesome.

thank you for all you kind words about the 100km, because of the slowness and time constraints I can’t responds individually just yet, but will when things are back to normal.

have a wonderful stress free day


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  1. yeh I agree, we were without internet as well, but the flip side of that is I got LOTS of other work accomplished!!! BONUS... but I do share your frustration, especially when you rely on it to contact your man.HRRMPHH!


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