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Monday, January 25, 2010

Drum roll please and inner excitement


Isn’t this little container a wee sweety?  While I was supposed to be sorting through quilting magazines and getting rid of ‘double ups’ I came across the pattern for this little treasure.  Well, I don’t know what took over me (I do, but I’m not sharing), next thing I knew I was sewing on buttons and this beauty appeared. Less than a couple of hours from go to whoa, I think there will be more of these useful containers made.

Now, my big news – without the help of Miss Faith look what I got done, and got photographed…021 yep, that’s 99.99km. Woohoo as you know the last 100 photo got sabotaged by an inquisitive 18month old but this time it’s just me and my fan club. The fan club could hardly hold in their excitement020 022





Really, they were buzzing, you could just feel it in the air – yeah, she’s done it.  OK, I give up they couldn’t give a toss but I’m buzzing that’s 200km since the beginning of the year. Now to keep going.


I’ll leave the last word to Chuck.

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  1. I'm sure I saw that container while sorting my magazines. Was it a P & Q.. please let me know. I'd like to make one now and I hope it's not in my 'find a good home' pile!!! Thanks

    This fan club is thrilled for you hun. You deserve to be so proud of yourself.
    Love the wee container you made, its cute, would look great sitting on your shop desk with bits and bobs in it.
    hugs Deb


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