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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Head In The Clouds

So much for feeling good about eating chocolate, this guilt ridden woman has just spent half an hour on the exercycle and I still don’t think I worked off the calories, huh! On that note, who 172_overweight_woman_riding_a_bicycle_with_training_wheelsin the world invented bicycle seats?  I mean, you’d think that something more comfortable would have been designed by now – ouch!

Today like yesterday is so depressing.  A huge cloud with it’s rain has descended over our spot of paradise001 totally engulfing everything in its path.003 Remember this is supposed to be the middle of our Summer, the only evidence of Summer that I have is the beautiful bunch of Christmas lillies that Deb gave me from her garden when she visited.  They fill the entire house with their perfume and lift the spirits.  Thanks Deb xx004

The bonus to all this crappy weather is that I can hide away in my wee sewing space and not have one ounce of guilt for ignoring the outdoorsy things that need doing – yeah

Have a bright day

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  1. I so agree on two counts - bike seats are definitely not made for comfort. I've got a wide spongy seat for my bike though after 20kms or so it begins to get the ouch factor. And the weather!! what is with our summer - today is gale winds, rain etc. Though like you quilting is such a treat on days like this if only the rayon thread would stop snapping aargh! Hugs Jx

  2. 20kms - my goodness, I'd be dead and as for a spongy seat, mine's attached to ME! that's a sad state of affairs isn't it?
    Hugs to you Julz

  3. Oh what a contrary world we live in. We are desperate for some please send it north asap.

  4. we had rain yesterday too, great for the garden and the grass which is looking pretty good at our place, we are starting to look like a local house rather then holiday home! Was a good day for stitching tho...

  5. I've got a gel seat for my bike- it's wider too so it fits a woman better. These silly narrow seats are too close to a birthing experience for me. I think they are a masocistic man thing.

    Good luck with the calorie burning. Maybe a treadle sewing machine was how the Victorians coped with Christmas tuck?

    Here I got up full of the joys of Spring clear blue skies, sunshine through the curtains. Looked at the thermometer 3C! Oh well I think I'll hibernate too.


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