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Sunday, January 10, 2010

They came two by two

Oh boy have the heavens opened up over our spot in paradise in the last few days. the first day of rain was quite nice, it gave me yet another excuse to just sit and stitch, towards the evening and over 100ml later I was ‘over it’.  Trying to sleep that night was like trying to sleep in a rifle range as the heavy rain pounded the windows.  The next day, more rain, ok I thought, the water tanks will be good and full – bonus, however, the rain also kept the customers away and I was starting to get really sick of it.catinrainanimationclipaiv1 The two cats looked like drowned rats and the two dogs – well what do you do with a soggy golden retriever and a hyper active mini Foxy that slips and slides everywhere?

In the shop the dehumidifier whirred away sucking every ounce of dampness it could find, I gave up working in there, I could feel every ounce of moisture being sucked from me.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go crazy about my complexion, but after a couple of hours visions of prunes were bouncing into my thoughts.

Now during all of this I had had two lots of overnight visitors, so there was bed linen and towels stacking up – yuk.  I was beginning to think if any ‘arks’ were for sale on Trade Me. Still the rain went on! So today and over 400mls of rain later what did I do, go for a walk? Get out in the garden? Nope, washing on the line and then back to the sewing machine – shame on me, maybe I’ll get a second chance at absorbing some sun tomorrow.

Meanwhile to our Northern Hemisphere friends, my heart is with you all , may the sunshine appear and warm you all up.

warming hugs all round

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  1. Who knew its meant to be summer!! on the bright side your water tanks are full, the pets don't need bathing, the plants don't need watering, and your customers will have been so busy stitching at home (to keep out of the rain) that they'll just have to come visit soon to re-stock their supplies :) Great plan don't ya think! Hugs Jx

  2. Funny to think that here in Finland we have loads of snow, where as you're getting rain...


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