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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Old, The new and the redo

Firstly, look what Mother Nature has brought to my garden in the last few days.011 I don’t usually cut these beautiful flowers, but once again rain is predicted and I didn’t want to see them go all brown and soggy.  Anyway the glorious perfume just fills the house, and I like the way the scent some how  makes everything feminine .

Over the weekend I had one of my ‘followers’ come into the shop, what a great surprise, while she was here Heather was totally blown away with a table I have just inside the doorway and told me that I should show it on my blogspot – so here goes…012 Anthea, our eldest daughter, bought this printers tray for me for one of my birthdays.  For ages it just sat in the spare room while I decided what I was going to do with it.  That was before BHQ opened.  Eventually the man in my life (who’s out of it at the moment), picked up on the nagging I had been doing and finally made it into a table top.  Slowly I’m filling it with old bits and bobs,  mostly vintage buttons, and one pack in particular are from DH mothers wedding dress015. There were twelve  beauties on the card at one time, but this is all that I found intact.  Further across and nestled in one of the sections I have two spools of 100% silk thread.  These  precious treasures came from DH  G-grandmother, she used the thread to quilt matching silk fabric while on board the ship to NZ from the UK. 013 Both I think are awesome bits of family history to pass onto our girls and grand-girls.

OPAM Finish
In my bid to reduce the amount of UFO’s I have, I dragged out an appliqué block that was supposed to be part of a much larger quilt.  I have decided that because of the theme of the block to use it as a cushion cover in the shop.020  I’m thrilled with the detailing that I was able to include and add a touch of ‘me’ into the designers pattern.  Around the front porch I have embroidered a vine and with French knots made it into a flourishing wisteria plant that weaves through the iron (lace) trim.016
Hanging over the front porch I have added a miniature quilt, and I really did make it and quilted it too019 .
These little  projects are so much fun, the hard part is 018 knowing when to say to yourself  “O.k. enough with the                     embellishment”.
So, there you go, a project for OPAM and a much better post than the weather – by the way, there has been a bright light in the sky, we don’t mention it’s name in case it gets shy and disappears.
Have a lovely productive week all of you OPAM ladies, hugs to all
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  1. Michel'e - you clever clever lady, that cushion is so adorable! and the personal touch with the mini quilt is quite ingenious. I love the detail around the windows too - clever clogs!
    I am sure the lillies are breathtaking, and the scent from them so delicious.

  2. I find lillies fill the home with their fragrance quicker than any other flower . I love the house block . I hope your little shop is going o,k.---cottonreel

  3. I second Shiree's comments - you are a very clever and creative lady.
    You have done a great job on the cushion all those little details, it looks just great.
    As for the lillies they are just fabulous and the fragrance devine and very feminine :-).
    I am very envious of such beautiful blooms.
    Keep smiling.

  4. Hi Hun,
    Reading your post and seeing your little village shops makes me remember I have that book of patterns somewhere. I hope I haven't leant it to anyone, I am on a hunt now. Yours look truly gorgeous and you are such a clever thing with your little adornments. Love the new look blog too. Very smart

    I can feel the pain radiating from the bike episode-Was Little Miss Faith being thought of surrounded by the colour blue perhaps???
    hugs Deb

  5. Hi there Michele, as i have told you in person your work is GREAT. how are you going with the heat? was 29 in here yest windows open plus door and curtains over windows, we have wind here also do you have down there. Too jolly hot to sew just had lovely iceblock to cool me down. Love the lilies must water mine tonight once sun has gone down, Pat in Greymouth


Thankyou so much for popping by and leaving a comment. I enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas and will get back to you if needed, hugs - Miche'le

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