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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stitching Madness and Groundhog Day

Remember the appliqué block I showed in my last post020 ?  Well, while yet again rummaging through my box of treasures, otherwise known as UFO’s I found one of the other blocks that was supposed to go into the same quilt, this time it shows the Pet Shop and Flower Shop.008  Yet again I added my own little touches, for example, the flower box above the sign is made up of goodness knows how many French knots in different colours and heaped on top of one another, then the flowers to the side of the shop I did with yo yo’s and used six strand thread just tied through the middle and cut ‘long’ for the stamens.004 007






On the Pet Shop side I didn’t go without adding a little extra too, firstly I found a clear button then using orange thread created some gold fish, if you squint real hard they kind of look like fish.  remember I did say squint really hard.  above the door I added a cobweb, well, it is a pet shop!006 005

So, once I’ve bought another pillow insert this one will be yet another pillow in the shop.

Then… I got stuck into finishing the top of the Churn Dash quilt I have been working on.  It really has been a lovely block to sew and the entire top churns used just one layer cake – bonus, I didn’t have to go hunting (or shopping) for coordinating fabrics they were already sorted – yeah. This i001s just a utilitarian quilt for the house (as if we need more).  I have chosen a grey based green for sashing and will probably bind it in that too.

Then…while watching a movie I sat and stitched another mini pillow.  I have already done a number of these this year, and they are so quick to make up that my addiction is really taking a hold.  I have been told that they are called ‘Tuffets’ but I really think they are too small for Miss Muffet to sit on, and way too small for 002 yours truly! Despite the fact that I have been going hard out on the exercycle!

Little Miss Faith brought her parents here for dinner last night and while we were just sitting nattering she decided to clamber all over the bike.  That didn’t bother me at all, but knowing I had only 2 1/2 kms to go to crank up my first 100km I couldn’t wait to get on and take a photo of this milestone.

Now if you know me you would know that exercise and I are not friends, so this really was a big deal. Once the kids had left I climbed on board and just went for it, camera in hand ready to witness the event. So I started peddling, after just a short while I looked at the speed 96.4km, how could this be? There was more on the clock before, so as I carried on peddling in horror I watched as the jolly thing was decreasing in distance.  I was crushed, no photo evidence of the ‘tonne’ no flashing lights – nothing. Groundhog day!  Little Miss Faith had obviously pressed a button that I didn’t know worked backwards.  So, tonight the next 100 starts – away from Faith.

I hope your days don’t start going backwards.  Have a great one anyway.


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  1. Seems you had a very productive day - another cushion looking good.
    Your Churn Dash quilt looks great with the sashings done,that green is perfect and really sets is off nicely - will look very nice in your home.
    Shame about the counter on the exercise bike !!! Oh well the next 100 will not be far away :-)

  2. Gutted... I know the importance of watching those km's BUILD on the odometer - that is the only thing that drives me to get out and go for another ride... Don't let it beat you hon - the first 100km seems to take ages, now you've got your bike stride you'll clock up the next 100km in no time and have a photo to post us :) The churn dash quilt looks so good. Hugs to you and happy peddling. Hugs Jx


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