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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Uninvited Midnight Visitor

Being alone at night doesn’t bother me much and for the last seven or so weeks I’ve done it and now that DH tour of duty has been extended I have another five months of it.  I mean, what could happen? I have two dogs with loud barks (when they are awake), surely they will guard me (not!) So when I was woken last night by a scurrying noise I listened for a while and after deciding it was either a mighty big mouse or something was amiss ,I tiptoed over the said sleeping dogs, crept downstairs, flicked on the lights and stepped into something not very nice – yuck! By this stage the noise had stopped but I could see something darting about through the kitchen, into the dining room and into the lounge.

With trepidation I crept into the lounge, hearing a large yawn from a sleeping dog upstairs.  There was nothing to be seen.  Now you need to realise that by this stage my heart was beating faster than any aerobic exercise would make it go, so I guess there was a bit of panic setting in.

The dogs clambered down stairs then all hell broke loose.  The two of them, sniffing frantically unearthed a Weka.  Weka’s are native birds of NZ, flightless, brown and very inquisitive.  The dogs chased this poor bird all over the house, upstairs, downstairs everywhere, eventually cornering it beside the fridge.

I guess the bird had walked into the house sometime during the evening when I had all the doors open due to a warm evening and it must have settled down somewhere that I hadn’t noticed.

Eventually I managed to control the dogs and get them shut away, then open all the doors again to try and encourage this little native outside – this was a mission in itself, these birds behave like chickens and obviously have no sense of direction but eventually I got it outside.002

Once letting the dogs out of their lock up clean up had to start.  The bird had rummaged and enjoyed all the vegetables I had had stored in the larder, enjoyed the batting I had rolled in my sewing room and generally helped himself to indoor luxuries.  Everywhere he went both before the dogs and after he left a ‘deposit’, not to mention the amount of feathers shed during the chase.

Note to self, regardless of temperature, close all doors in the evening and check rooms for midnight visitors.

I hope you all had a much calmer night than I.

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  1. Oh, Miche'le - sounds like a very good comedy movie, lol!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. Yeap! sounds as though we both had a rude awakening today...
    We have spare keys hidden but it was a marathon to get it in the torrential rain and easier to trot across the road... and believe it or not the spare one is the front door key which is the one on the chain anyhow ...I just could not win.
    But I did not mention the cat ( not mine )that got stuck between the walls in the garage yesterday >>>> just don't go there.

  3. Blimin heck Chook, it would have been me leaving the deposits if I'd been there. What an adventerous evening it was for you. Did you manage to get back to sleep okay?
    hugs Deb

  4. oh my goodness! nasty nasty nasty little native that one :)

  5. OMG ! sure more impressive than the wee cricket I had climbing the wall. Sounds like your larder was too much temptation for young weka! Poor you having to clean up the mess though - hope you got back to sleep okay. Hugs Jx

  6. Thanks for the warning. We don't get Weka in the north here but we do have a peacock who lives in the area of our neighbourhood. He is not ours but visits often and goes around all the properties being nosey and leaving deposits. I have sometimes wondered if he would be cheeky enough to enter through an open door.....I will be more careful!

  7. I get some little bugs, I think they are called wood lice . Lots of people get them in England . they seem to come from under skirting boards . I get nervy in case my bed spread hangs near the floor and 1 walks in my bed ,----cottonreel


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