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Thursday, February 11, 2010

At Last, I’m Back To Sewing Something For OPAM

After all the physical stuff of last week and the slow reloading of shelves and cupboards I decided my fantastic machine really needed a cover.  It’s been such an awesome machine and never misses a beat so it’s time to pay it back before Winter arrives so it can stay warm and dust free.
  After doodling with 002 many ideas I turned to appliqué designs that I already had.  The pocket on the left started it’s life as a free design for a needle case.  So I used it as a ‘springboard’ idea and turned it into my manual pocket, then my plan was set and the other three sides just evolved 001. A few dozen buttons later and ta da, it’s nearly done.  A touch of a neutral gingham and this little Pfaff will be warm and dust free in it’s posh new room and… I can count it as an OPAM finish, awesome.
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  1. Delightful and just the thing for your new and improved studio.

  2. Looks bewdiful and it will certainly keep the trusty friend warm and dust free.
    Was it nice sewing in a organised mess--lol.

  3. How new machine has to have a new cover as the old one is to small for it...
    I am wishing hard and hoping the fairey and elves who go around doing nice things for people will visit me and when I get up in the morning "Voila" there it will be.
    Or may be just have to get to it and do one very soon myself...the new sewing room deserves it, as well just like yours.....

  4. Michele when do you rest and sleep? That is some beautiful cover you have made,your sewing room must be about the best looking one this side of the Alps.

  5. Very nice ! The buttons look great. I should make one instead of the black and white teatowel I throw over my machine when it's sitting out.

  6. I love your sewing machine cover... Lisa

  7. What a lovely cover! A great idea to use buttons, as you get to admire them as well as keep them! Brilliant.

  8. WOW! It's beautiful. Is that from a pattern? or did you just make it up?
    Congrats on a OPAM project finished.


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