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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Retail Therapy and a Sewing Room Makeover

Well, the last week has had me hammering, screwing and generally working jolly hard and all in the highest temperatures our little spot has had for many a long while.

Recently I posted about my makeover that was planned for my sewing room.  The previous state of the room was not something to be proud of, and with all the metal shelving it felt just too industrial, if not at times practical.  Soooooo, with my darling man out of the country I did what any self respecting (and rather sneaky) woman would do, I went for a little, OK a lot, of retail therapy.

After drawing up scaled plans (I know, more than a bit pedantic) and scouring web sites to find dimensions of various furniture available in our area I had every thing chosen and knew where it would all go.

Off I went, yahoo, shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everything I needed, and a few things I wanted I got.  This is not something I have done before and the truth is for a while (almost a nanosecond) there was a touch of guilt at spending so much on myself.  But the day came when it all arrived.  Shock, horror, it was all in flat packs.

The long and the short of it is that I got it all built.  Then it was time to put all of my crap precious bits back into the room.  Now I had been fairly ruthless and threw out an awful lot but despite the fact that there is more storage I’ll be blowed if I can get it all back without a bit of pushing and shoving.

So, here are the before and after photo’s001 001 and I must admit that there is still a degree of shame at the state it got into but now – well I just love it. 002 002 What do you think?003 





 It was all a bit shocking really but now clean lines and lots of space reign 004

In fact, looking back at the before photo’s, whew I had a lucky escape and isn’t it strange how they all look so blue, exactly how the room made me feel, but not any longer tee hee.

Happy sewing one and all


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  1. Wow, bet you are pleased with your room, its neat and tidy and lots of light...amazing what a different colour can do to a room... well done you and all that hard work by yourself you can be proud.

  2. Lovely room! So much brighter and open. Doing the work yourself really gives you a sense of accomplishment, doesn't it? It's exactly the way YOU want it! You'll have a great time there.

  3. It looks amazing - perfect for creating masterpieces! Enjoy!

  4. Well, I have to say, it does not look like the room I saw a month ago. Well done. Guess I will have to come and have a look at the new room now

  5. WoW Michele you have been busy will have to come down and see all that work you have done.
    It looks great bet you are pleased with yourself,Pat

  6. Great job and looks great. Hope it makes you feel good too.

  7. I know it was a lot of work, but sooooo worth it. It came out beautiful and so organized. Now you can sew and sew and sew!!!
    Enjoy your new room,
    ps I've been there when the furniture comes in a million pieces. I thought for sure a little man would pop out of that box and put it all together for me!!

  8. Quite the mammoth task! No wonder you are so proud, you have done a great job!

  9. Hi Michele'le
    All I can say is you are amazing! You produce SO MUCH, you are so motivated and SO INSPIRING! Your work is very beautiful and so varied. I know I will continue reading your blogs regularly to see what you are up to and to keep me motivated and producing too, so thank you for that.
    Keep at it and you will get that website quicker than you think at the rate you are going. All I can say is WOW :)


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