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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Panic Stations

Oh my goodness, this is a bit wordy and I’m sorry but my heart has been going ninety to the dozen all day.  You see I wanted to go to the shop and grabbed my keys then went to get my wallet. Absolute horror, I couldn’t find it! Still can’t!  I tried retracing steps, then retraced them again.  This time panic really started setting in. The last time I had it was Friday night when I did a mad dash to the supermarket.  Every thing was in that wallet, all my cards, loyalty cards, photo’s, cash – everything.

So, with a really flushed face, racing pulse and no doubt blood pressure through the roof of I went to check at the supermarket to see if anything resembling my wallet had been handed in – nope, not there.

Driving home with tears in my eyes I couldn’t believe that it had all gone.  So, onto the phone cancelling cards all over the place – OMG, how the heck could this happen. 

Now it’s much later in the evening, there’s nothing much I can do but wait for replacements to arrive – my life is on hold.  However I’m still retracing the retraced steps.

I hope none of you have had to go through this, it’s awful.  I just hope some kind person has found it, the cards are useless now and the money doesn’t seem that important but I’d really love the photo’s back.

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  1. How awful for you. Fingers crossed that the right person found it.

  2. Oh, Miche'le - keep hoping as there are a lot more good people than bad out there!
    Best wishes and hugs - Lurline♥

  3. I know just the feeling it is sheer panic and I feel for you...
    I was lucky no one found mine or took them so no damage lets hope yours will be the same... did you look under the car seat, down the sides etc....try the bin I once threw my wallet out with the carrier bags into the bin, I dropped it into one of them there at the supermarket when my hands were full....
    Hope they turn up... chin up worse things happen at sea... hugs x

  4. OMG, I know that awful feeling. I am hoping it will be found and some honest buddy will return it. I know about those irreplacable photos, & all the kerfuffle over the cards.
    I am sending positive vibes for over this. And hugs and kissesOOOOXXXX!!

  5. I feel for you, I know what it is like. The husband left his inside the supermarket bag once. What a time that was looking for it. I have left mine everywhere but it keeps finding me. How am I suppose to get a new wallet if it keeps coming back? Maybe I should leave money in it next time ...

  6. Michele feel for you, have you looked under seat of car.Could it have slipped down somewhere in boot when you put the bags in. I am asking St Anthony to help you find. If someone picked it up hope they bring it to you.Keeping fingers crossed and praying hard,Pat

  7. I hoped you may have found it by now? You did have your cards by the computer when you were shopping on line...was that before or after the supermarket?

  8. Oh my gosh I do hope you find it or it finds you I have never really lost one.

  9. Michele keep coming here in the hope you have updated and had some better news.I missed placed mine once found it aweek later after i had stopped cards, and the thing that really upset me was nearly $200. of christmas club.Found super market bag hanging with wallet inside it! I just keep hopeing you have same luck.
    Weather coming in just hope we are not going to get alot of rain, Pat


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