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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Angels are among us or, catching magpies!

Frequently I am reminded that there are many honest people in this world and today is no different.
Look what turned up at our house via a courier002, my dear worn and horribly missed wallet has returned – yeah.  It has had quite a journey too.  Apparently the lady that returned it said she and her family had hired a campervan.  After their stop in Hokitika at the supermarket they travelled South to the glaciers then onto Queenstown where they emptied the rented campervan ready to catch a flight  en route back to the UK.
While emptying the campervan  Susan (the Mum) said she discovered my wallet.  Her daughter had found it in the  car park and liked it because it was ‘silver and shiny’.  I know the feeling, there must be a bit of Magpie in me too.  Mum went on to say that her daughter knew she wasn’t supposed to keep it and is ashamed of her actions. Every thing was still inside, money, cards, coins and especially my photo’s. 001   There was no return address and the note was just signed Susan.  Regardless I just want to say a huge THANKYOU!!!  I know it’s old and battered and probably needs replacing but it’s mine and like a pair of old slippers – it’s comfortable.  Now I feel complete *sigh*.
Thank you to all of my blogging buddies for the many wishes and prayers that have been sent my way during the time that my wallet was M.I.A.  Note to self, make sure you have ‘everything’ before you drive off, it will save many sleepless nights.
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  1. Very Good news! Your wallet went on holiday but eventually wanted to go back home.
    That mum did the right thing...that was brave of her.

  2. I am SO thrilled your wallet is returned. I know the horrible feeling, having had mine stolen, & it contained the precious only baby pictures of our newborn granddaughter. I did get the photos back and eventually the wallet- minus small things like money, stamps, etc.


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