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Friday, February 26, 2010

Just in time for OPAM

Whew, where has the last month gone?  I know we are a few days short of the average but it’s starting to feel like a few weeks short.

Anyway, after creating the sewing room makeover, fretting over a lost treasure and then not to forget new purchases, which by the way I’m itching to get stuck into.  I have finally managed to post an OPAM finish.

I have made this bag before005  and it is no hardship to make it.  Last time was in the red and stripes.  But I’m due to teach a class on it and needed to refresh my memory on the changes to the pattern that I had made.  This one I chose to do dear wee black print, however I wasn’t going to shy away from a touch of strong colour. 002   Maybe hiding it inside could be like the pearl in an oyster.  So, I went for a lovely coral Krystal, this I also used as a binding on the outside pocket tops,and then to go even brighter a lovely yellow batik.  The inner pocket almost shines from within and I’m really pleased with it.  I think it works, what do you think?

Now I’m more relaxed and ready to greet the mad March hare.  Somewhere along the line I hope to get into some sewing, but stock take is looming and I know that is just going to drag on and on.  We have increased our stock by a huge amount and it’s not just the fabrics, buttons, beads, threads and notions that need to be measured and counted,*sigh.  Friends have offered to come and help so I’m planning a stocktaking party with drinks, food and spot prizes – well, you’ve got to make these mundane jobs fun haven’t you and how lucky am I to have friends like mine.

Have a wonderful weekend one and all


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  1. So glad your wallet turned up safe and sound ..... a few hot flushes and sleepless nights though. Strange how these things happen when hubby is away !!!

    This bag looks great.... hope the class goes well -- should have joined in :-)

  2. A stocktaking party sounds like so much fun. I can imagine the laughter already. You should ask Miss D, she would have it all done in no time and still be laughing when she is finished.

    Love the bag. You could make some for your stocktaking party, like loot bags at a kids party. You could fill them with everything you don't want to count. Now if you are going to do this, then I will come do the stocktake for you LOL

  3. Love the bag Michele, sooooooo pleased you got your wallett back and contents.
    Been out all day and man is it HOT.Hope to get down to see you again soon,Pat

  4. What a great bag - loving the bold colour on the piping and inside. Hugs Jx

  5. hi michele, your lucky to get your wallet back and everything there. your bag looks great! do you stock the florani -stich n wash product or where in nz i could buy some? sock monkeys are easy to make. sue

  6. Oh! I love this bag. I got given something like it one year for Xmas. I use it often. Love the fabrics.

  7. I do love the bag. Wish I could be there to take your class. I am going on a country fair trip this coming Sunday, & wish I had a bag like that!


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