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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grand girls and cupcakes

Wow, two posts in one day, whew! Sorry about that.

It’s school holidays here in NZ at the moment and as a result a quick trip over the ‘hill’ to Canterbury was taken to pick up our eldest Grand-daughter, Hannah.  What to do with an eleven year old? She’s still on the nice side of adolescence and her wants are almost none existent.  Sitting sewing with her has been something I have wanted to do for ages, so after picking her up a second hand sewing machine we sat facing each other wondering what to make.  “Grandma we are going to Australia next week for a holiday, maybe we can make something for me to take”.  002 Yeah, a bag and small purse came to mind.  So while I plugged away at a little shoulder bag Hannah made her purse, she’s a natural, double yeah! So that’s  what we did .  Such a great way to spend and afternoon with a treasured Grandchild.  Now Hannah is just one of our two ‘Grandies’ and over the last week I have a010 also been the ‘babysitter’ for Miss Faith while her Mum went to work. Any weight loss this week has surely been down to the running around done after a very active 20 month old.   Her latest thing is growling while wearing a tiger suit she has been given.  Who on earth dreams up these costumes?  This has got to be a photo to pull out at her 21st, tee hee.

Now after the babysitting and bag making with Hannah I got chance to sit and catch up with my favourite blogs.  Miss Deb had the cheek to show some very tempting cupcakes on her blog, and being in need of more activities for Hannah it was decided that, that was what we would do004. A few hours later we were rewarded with these calorie loaded ‘Devils Food cupcakes’.  Such an easy recipe and always a success.  Of course we just had to have lashings of the choco/hazelnut butter icing too (as if I needed more calories).  By the time this photo was taken half were already devoured !  If you would like a copy of this fail proof recipe just leave a message, I’d gladly send it on.

Well, that’s about it for this week, next week it’s definitely a sewing week.  Have a great weekend, hugsmy signature


  1. Don't worry how many calories those cupcakes had, with all the running around of Miss Faith, they would have all worked themselves off. LOL
    Doesn't she look lovely in that outfit?
    I am looking forward to see what you make next week, enjoy the last of the weekend
    ps, if your not going to send me the cupcakes to try, you had better send me the recipe then

  2. What lovely grandchildren. You are so lucky.

    I would love to have the recipe. I can't get enough chocolate.

    Thank you


  3. What a wonderful way to pass some time. I love grandchildren. Little Faith looks like she can be quite a handful. Enjoy cause they grow up way too soon.

  4. What fun sewing with granddaughter. Little Faith is quite a cutie.

  5. Hell are we expected to ask for the recipe, what a cheek. Doesn't Miss Faith look so cute, I bet there is definitely a bit of hidden tiger in that wee cutie. How lovely for Hannah to spend time with you Miche'le although I am seriously hoping that it wasn't you who drove over and picked her up, ot with your bad foot my dear?????
    hugs Deb


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