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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mmmm, gremlins in the works

I'm not sure if I'm the only one with this problem or what, but for some reason 'Live Writer isn't letting me show links.  This all started a couple of weeks back.  I tried , or thought I had posted a quilt on Amy's Creative Side for the Bloggers Quilt Festival. In fact I was sure I had until a friend and I were talking and she mentioned the festival. I told her that I had one on there, she hadn't seen it so I went checking.  Sure enough it wasn't there so I had another go.  Between Live Writer and "Mr Linky" I just couldn't get the link to post - very frustrating.  Can anyone out there tell me if they have had the same problem? Live Writer is usually so reliable but I really think something is going wrong here... Help!!
Another gremlin arrived today. Realising that today is the last day of the month I really needed to complete Block A for a Gardeners Journal SAL.  Everything seemed to be going along fine, I even managed to post my block completion, whew, another job done001.  Knowing that there had been a few hiccups when posting lately I went back and checked the SAL blog to make sure it had posted, yep all fine.  So I looked at the other blocks that had been completed - oh no!! My block was upside down, compared to others,sob.
Later I got stuck into making a Tilda bee.  They are so cute and after reading the instructions I confidently got stuck in - all going fine.  Stuffing starting with the arms and then attaching them - how easy could they be.  No, gremlins again... one arm up, one arm down. Humph, time to stop sewing put the kettle on and find the biscuits I made last week.
I'll have another go at sewing tomorrow that is if we aren't too busy.  Our birthday sale starts then.  On that note, Wow, what a response to my last post, and if you haven't read it, I'll remind you to sign up for my give away,  it's not being drawn until the 3rd so you still have time.  Good luck.
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  1. Sounds like it was one of 'those' days! Today is a brand new day. lol

  2. Yeap, something is really going on in cyberspace.. a blog I follow in Aussie land is telling me no blog available under that name but if I open via a different place it opens okay ??
    I also post things and they don't get there on messages boards to groups... it is so frustrating... I just think oh well! and repost but it is so annoying.
    Hugs Laurie

  3. Mmmm, your asking someone is a total beginner! Good luck.

  4. sorry cant help with your link prob
    sounds like you need some chocolate that always seems to help me when the sewing gremlins are at work
    hugs Beth

  5. We all get days like that Just have A cup of tea A read of A craft book Then go back later and Everything will go smoothe I sound convincing dont I well that is how it is supposed to work.Have A great day Today.
    Hugs Mary.


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