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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Eight days to go!

So what have I been doing to help me pass the time? Well there has been a little of this0-22sha193 - 20081023_131414-766126 and probably just a wee bit  of spending , OK, a fair bit of spending... actually a whole lot of spending.  Some of which has arrived already - yeah, have a look.  Sweet Jenny at The Stitchery got this little beauty 1203 into the mail quick sharp.  I fancied doing something that I would spend ages stitching and even longer looking at - but not really using.  A silly idea I know but every now and then I like to make a 'treasure'.  This time I have altered the pattern just a wee bit001, but that's only in the colours.  I'm using 32 count Belfast Linen in white and have change the colours to a more muted tone.  Mostly it's 2 thread over two but do 003you see that bit in the centre - here I'll enlarge it for you, well, that bit is one over one.  OMG, even these glasses of mind struggled so out came the magnifying glass.  That was a couple of hours work and I still have the rest of the lady to do in the same count. 
My next purchase that has arrived is a Blackbird Designsarah tobias  Cross Stitch Book, when Kaaren at The Painted Quilt showed it I knew I really wanted to make the sewing roll, so,  after having no luck finding a copy of it here in NZ my fingers did the walking to Anita's little stitches - wow she was fast.  I had the thing here from the US in a week.  Such a great lady to deal with too.
As a quilter and owner of a quilt shop it's a bit of a concern that there is just a wee trend here - most of what I have been doing is cross stitch!   Now to combine the two and I'd be very happy here.
The next lot of purchases were for the shop and they are arriving from our neighbours over the Tasman sea.  Lots of wire quilt hangers are on their way and just a few little extras to fill in a couple of spaces around the shop - but I'll show you those later.
Now in between all of this retail stuff I've also done a lot of cooking then freezing the results, baking and trying not to eat the results *wink* and the domestic goddess thing called cleaning -blah!  I figure that if I keep working at this pace in eight days time it will all be done and if I'm really good even the ironing will get done - since being a quilter the only things I don't mind ironing are patched pieces - funny that!
Have a wonderful weekend
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  1. I think it is best that you keep yourself VERY VERY busy for the next eight days otherwise you will be a wreck. As for the ironing, would you like me to courier mine over, its absolutely no trouble, I could even add Darlene's in and tell Shiree to send her's after all its my duty as a good friend to look after
    Hugs Deb

  2. Oh goodness ... those are pretty tiny stitches you've got there ... I'd never be able to see them!!!
    Joy ;o)


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