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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm Warming Up

We all know that before any exercise we must do our warm ups, so... bend and stretch, exercise1 bend and stretch.

I'm warming up for the 'happy dance' - the countdown has started, yeah.        10 butterflyshugs

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  1. Now I know it is June ..and something special is going to happen soon...
    or is it something different you are going to do.... Hugs Laurie

  2. Warm up, yeah right. You're just making sure you have lots of excess energy to burn........
    hugs Deb

  3. Are you traveling somewhere special? Going to have a holiday?
    I am looking forward to July 1 when summer holidays start- The school year is beginning to wind down or wind up and it is hectic right now - particularly because we are in the middle of a renovation at school. We have been teaching in a gym for the past two months, my teaching partner and I and it has been busy but it has worked out great. 48 five years are pretty busy and can be loud but we also have learned lots from one another. It will feel strange to go back to our own classrooms. Report writing and finishing all the assessments is keeping me busy enough in the evening but so far am managing. I am sure you remember the busy times of year end..
    Hope all is well..


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