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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A new arrival in the family

A couple of weeks ago my fingers led my mind to 'Trade Me', an online auction site similar to E-Bay.  Naturally I looked in on the quilting and crafts site and accidently hit the sewing machine prompt.  As if by magic a little tiny black machine was calling to me, 'pick me, pick me'.  How could I not?  So I placed a bid and logged off, later that day I got an e-mail to say I had been outbid - well being rather competitive I wasn't going to stand for this and promptly put in an auto bid.

Yahoo I won, this little NEW OLD MACHINE machine was mine, now I just had to wait a few days for it to arrive at it's new home.

Today , the adoption is complete, I am now the proud owner of a Singer Featherweight, built in Clyde, Scotland in 1952.  Oooo, I just love these machines, they seem to chortle when sewing.  I think I'm hooked, and am already looking for a future adoption - anyone out there under the same influence?

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  1. I am hooked big time. I have 6 blacks, 2 whites, a recently acquired 222K and a 301. I piece on the 221s and quilt on the 301.

    Are you aware of the yahoo group specifically for featherweight owners?


  2. oh well done you, lucky lucky gal I say!! Have lotsa fun with your new toy..

  3. What a lovely machine built with metal parts from the days when machines were built to last. Wonderful! Congratulations.

  4. My godmother gave me hers thinking it was merely good for decoration,she thought it no longer worked..I haven't told her any different...teehee!

  5. I read your title and thought I was about to see a grandchild or a puppy - but this could be even cuter! lol Have lots of fun with your new 'baby'.

  6. Oh my, my mother wants one of these so badly! I went on trademe and just about flipped at the cost!


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