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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

M.I.A. no not really

It's been more than a few days since my last post and I haven't been ignoring all my blogging friends - as if I would?  It's just that 'the man' has a bit of a cold.  Now if I said that another woman had a cold you'd think nothing of it but because theimagesCA4Y7QDY word 'man' has been added I hope you all understand what I'm dealing with.  The cough is 'the worst', so too are the chills, the temperature, the aches...   Being the wonderful man that DH is he also took the chance to share his bug. Of course my chills, cough, temperature couldn't possibly be as bad.   I mean, how else would I still be able to cook, clean, do the laundry and work in the shop?

I think what has really got to me about all of this is the problem of getting some of the over the counter remedies for the symptoms.  Just a few years ago they were no problem, but now -huh, almost impossible unless name, address etc is recorded by the pharmacist following a short interview.  All because some rotten sods have decided to use or should I say, abuse the effective ingredient.

So, if any of you have a magic remedy for 'man flu' PLEASE send it, and maybe this 'woe man' might get better too.

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  1. Get well soon Miche'le. I am sure all your women friends understand exactly what you mean. Naturally you wanted him back home, but with that you also have to have the "poorly, really suffering " version as well..oh dear.

    Chin a few stitches maybe.

  2. Chris said...

    Hi Miche'le

    So you have got a case of the "man flu" in your made me smile..we...Hubby and I and our uni daughter got the flu kindly shared by our college boy...what a doosy!!! we were all full of it..

    but I have to say when my husband gets sick..OMG it's like having an extra kid..and I at times,have threatened to book him on a Newmans bus and pack him off to Napier so his Mum can look after him...

    Hope you & your husband are all are better soon.

    Kind regards Chris :)

  3. Poor baby. Lots of fluids, rest when possible, lots of stitching, feet up, occasional piece of chokkie, paracetamol regularly 4 hourly.... did I mention lots of stitching and feet up.

  4. Oh, there is nothing worse than "Man Flu" but I do hope you are taking good care of him. I hope you are both feeling better soon :)

  5. I have just raced to Hamilton at an hours notice last night to take care of grandson who has the "bug" Mum and Dad could just not get off of work... funny but even he at 5 has learnt the trick of "Man Flu" knew how to play at it for sympathy.. already, so must be in the genes.
    Get well soon ...try a whiskey in hot milk at night or even during the day if need be. Will do nothing for the bug but will make you feel on top of the world for a few minutes.
    hugs Laurie

  6. I know exactly what you are saying ! I hope he gets well soon so then you can get a bit of a break , lol !

  7. Chicken soup does wonders in our house. When I get the flu (and any other time) chicken with ginger and spring onion is good. If you've a Chinese supermarket near you, ginger tea by Killi (got loads of sugar in for sore throats) or chresanthemum tea are both good.

  8. Fresh lemon juice with hot water and honey! Gom used to swear by the Brandy & hot lemonade, with a thousand woollen blankets to 'sweat it out'.
    Now I am told that Chicken soup is the only sure fire cure for Man Flu!


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